How Can You Track Your Child’s Phone Without Them Knowing?

It does not matter how old your child is, protection and care are always important. Considering the wide range of gadgets which have already taken place in our life, the question of how to protect our children is beyond discussion as there are so many ways for that.

Ask yourself: ”How to track my child’s phone without them knowing?”

We know the perfect solution for that, and even more than one. They all have one feature in common – an exceptional option to let you know everything about your child’s social life and every step he/she takes once leaving home in the morning.

Some of the most frequent requests, parents may have, are:

  • how far the school is;
  • and how much time it takes to get there;
  • what kind of people does your child communicate daily with?

The special app made for controlling your child’s phone will let you know the exact location, incoming calls, text messages, and even social networks the child logs in.

Online Dangers for Kids

Why Do You Need to Track Your Kid’s Phone?

If you’re wondering whether you should track your child’s phone, the answer is yes. It’s going to make them safer, and your child’s safety should be your priority.

Nowadays, almost every child of different age has access to the internet, which might sometimes become a potential danger for them. Websites of different types and people children meet online may lead to unknown paths: cyberbullying, sexting, online predators, adult content, etc. And this is a small list of reasons to control and track your child’s phone without them knowing.

  • Cyberbullying. As many as 50% of children have been bullied online, and it’s only getting worse with the prevalence of the digital realm.
  • Getting harassed. Young people are at an increased risk of stalking. Monitoring what your kids post online and who they interact with equals their safety.
  • Location. Knowing your child’s whereabouts will help you have the desired peace of mind while making sure they are precisely where you think they are.
  • Inappropriate content. The world of the internet is dangerous and full of explicit and adult content. You can check your child’s activities to ensure they are being safe and not sending or viewing inappropriate content.

Best Ways to Track Kid’s Phone Without Them Knowing

  1. Family Link app for Android. If your child has an Android phone, it’s possible to monitor their real-time location after installing the Family Link app on both devices and turning on the location settings. More information is available here.

  2. Find My Friends app for iPhone. On the other hand, if your child uses an iPhone, you can install the Find My Friends app to track their accurate location. You need to install the app on your child’s phone and share the location by choosing your email address/phone number or by using AirDrop. It also has some other handy features, such as location-based notifications (e.g., when they leave school).

  3. Spyware for both Android and iPhone. Spy apps give parents direct access to ALL the child’s phone activities – such as browsing history, message and call logs, gallery, etc. – and not just location. Therefore, it offers multiple layers of protection to ensure your child is safe. While the location is important for your calmness or an emergency situation, having an insight into kids’ messages, social media, and calls is crucial to their well-being and trouble prevention. It’s simple to use these apps; you just need to install them on your child’s phone, and all the information will be sent to your personal Control Panel. Thanks to monitoring software, parents have a working tool to stay aware of things that are happening in children’s lives and somehow prevent them from failures.

Reliable Tracking Software: How It Works and How to Choose One

No doubt, your child has already their personal smartphone. Check the OS it runs on and start choosing the appropriate spying software for it. The best thing about such apps is their stealth work and the possibility to control the child’s phone remotely.

Each of us can rely on them and stay calm when having a desire to track a child’s phone without them knowing.

Sources that the app uses to gather information about your child:

  • WhatsApp, Facebook, and other social networks and messengers depending on the app,
  • calls history and text messages,
  • internet connections and websites visited,
  • GPS and geo-locations,
  • smartphone camera,
  • photo and video screenshots.

These are the basic functions needed for every parent to track their child’s phone, but every app has a different variety of features that differ them from others. 

Criteria to choose the controlling app

  1. invisible and remote mode of running,
  2. list of all tracking functions,
  3. OS they are running on,
  4. free trial option and prices,
  5. user-friendly interface, and navigation on the website.

How to Use the App to Track Your Child’s Phone: a Step-by-step Guide

Chose the software according to your preferences and get all advantages of it after installing.

  1. Create your own account at the official website of the chosen app. You may check the list of TOP Spy Apps for your child here.
  2. The password is available to you only, and this will keep the app hidden from the child.
  3. Log in whenever you want to your online account and check the information there on all tracked activities on the target device.
  4. Use the app as long as you want – no time limits.


What Parental Control App Is the Best to Track a Child’s Phone?

One of the best parental control apps to track your child’s phone is mSpy. It vaulted past the other apps on the market because it’s 100% genuine, completely reliable, and has been around for quite some time. Therefore, you can be safe that you’re obtaining high-quality software that will deliver all that it promises.

They have responsive customer support and verified payment options, with the possibility to receive a money-back guarantee in case you’re not satisfied with the app’s performance (which is highly unlikely).

In terms of what it offers, parents gain access to all sent and received messages, whether they are SMS or in-app (WhatsApp, Snapchat, Instagram DM’s, etc.), even the deleted ones; call logs, accurate GPS data, browser history, and so on. In short – it will help you eliminate any possibilities that your child is in danger.

As an added bonus, parents can choose whether they want to reveal or hide the mSpy icon on their child’s phone, so it’s possible to track the phone without them knowing. Note that it’s legal to do so if they are under the age of 18.

GREAT NEWS: Check mSpy Family Kit to monitor up to 3 kids at the same time.

Should We Let the Children Know About Tracking Their Phones?

The ethical side of the following question – to track a child’s phone without them knowing or not – is there, and we can’t deny it. Our children use social networks of different types, and they spend much time using them. Is it really possible to protect them from their bad influence? No way, as long as we continue to be open-minded and liberal parents and desire to keep normal relationships with kids.

That’s too easy to become an enemy number one once they find out we apply control over them without letting them know. Nobody wants to be under control, even for noble reasons every parent has.

But since you can’t guard your child without being a control freak in his eyes, certain software can reveal the whole data about a child’s life and hence allow you to be involved in their life indirectly.

As far as such apps are hidden carefully, children will feel free and parents will stay calm. So, why not use all those advantages our modern life gives to us?

Tracking App Is a Solution to Avoid Troubles

Controlling software makes our life much easier, both for kids and their parents. Adults can do their stuff during the day successfully and not worry about children’s ability to get into trouble. They can check their actions every moment they want and analyze information in order to correct the behavior of the child or simply make sure everything is fine.

Meanwhile, children are not aware of being under control all the time live their life as they want, communicate with their friends, make new ones and love their wise parents when they provide them with help invisibly or stay away from interfering.

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    1. Hello Fatima,

      Currently, mSpy offers monitoring software for both jailbroken and non-jailbroken devices. If you do not wish to jailbreak the device, you may purchase mSpy Without Jailbreak.
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      Call Logs
      Text Messages

      Browser History


      Wi-Fi Networks
      Find my phone
      Installed applications
      For access to mSpy’s full range of monitoring features, it is required that iOS device is jailbroken.

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