Is it possible to forward someone’s text messages to your phone?

Nowadays, the majority of people have their mobile devices as their best friends. With development of the technologies, such gadget possesses all the necessary qualities to be a lifesaver while working or just spending spare time. You can easily share information with other people, search for the data on the Internet, make todo lists, and much more.

At first glance, using your gadget guarantees privacy. However, there are a lot of cases when to know is better than to be kept in the dark.

Can you keep a secret? Some people can, and they really do that. If you got tired with secrets and hidden information, download tracking software that allows to forward someone’s text messages to your phone. From this moment the secrets do not exist for you – you will know everything about your kid’s, spouse’s or employee’s life.

forward someone's messages to the phone

Pros and cons of using tracking software

Tracking software is really useful for those who find new ways to control each aspect of their lives, including communication and business contacts. When you know the details of correspondence of your colleagues or new partner, you know what to expect and how to act in different situations. And that will be possible when you install the app and forward someone’s text messages to your phone.

Moreover, spying applications are a great precautionary measure. For instance, it is especially important to prevent your children from using some suspicious programs or visiting some dangerous websites. As a parent, you have to take care about this sphere of your child’s life.

The next possible option to use solutions of the kind is the necessity to know whether your soulmate remains faithful to you.

Everything has its reverse side. This case is not an exception. Using these applications, you should be really careful: too much of a good thing is good for nothing. The only drawback is that you would like to install this software to as many devices as possible. Are you sure that you can resist this desire?

Does software for tracking messages really exist?

Today you may find hundreds of applications that guarantee you access to someone else’s phone. And some of them are really working! Moreover, they can definitely impress you with their outstanding spying functionality.

No matter which operating system is your favorite, it is still as easy as ABC to find the tracking solution of your dream. First of all, the majority of programs differentiate with smooth installation and fast learning curve. With some more detailed research, you can come across applications, offering premium customization and adjustment capabilities.

Benefits are above all

Let us be more specific. What can you achieve with a casual spying application? First of all, customers adore using tracking solutions since they enable to observe all the data sent on numerous social networks. If you have a desire to find out what your target person is texting, you are lucky. With a special program, you face no borders. You are free to read the chats in such world-famous messengers as Twitter and WhatsApp.

Of course, it is interesting to know the secret sense of text messages sent. But it is even more exciting to get access to numerous data your target person shares on Instagram or WeChat, for instance.

The standard functionality usually includes the ability to monitor calls on the target device. You will receive reports on contacts with whom your spouse, kid, or colleague are communicating, and how long such chats last. With more up-market solutions, customers can even listen to these conversations since they are recorded and saved on a specialized cloud datastore.

If you are interested in more advanced functionality, then please take a closer look at our list of top-3 spying applications. On the one hand, their standard spying features are performed on second-to-none level. On the other hand, their manufacturers are remarkable and reliable brands in the field, so you can be sure that your investment will be beneficial.

Editor’s Choice

Excellent affordability and suitability

mSpy software When it comes to quality at nice prices, mSpy is among the first spying programs coming into mind. For example, mSpy, popular tracking software provider, offers application for different types of phones with different OS. With mSpy, customers also can track devices, regardless of their jailbreak and rooting status is.

As soon as you install this app into a target device (with this app you can do that even remotely), you start to receive reports about the activities of the target device. Of course, with this app you can forward someone’s text messages to your phone.

Besides, it allows you to track the geolocation and control the list of permitted apps and websites. It has never been easier to protect your beloved people from offline and online dangers like sexting or bulling.

Overall, mSpy offers more than twenty-five spying features. Want to know more?

Do not hesitate to investigate their official page:

Smooth installation and elite adjustment

Hoverwatch is not less qualitative than mSpy, but it is compatible only with Android phones. Using Hoverwatch, you will have access to the browser history, todo list, calendar notes, and much more.

Nothing can stop you with this application. You will be able to spy the chosen device even if its owner decides to replace the SIM card on it. It is advantageous, isn’t it?

The distinguishing Hoverwatch feature is Keylogger. Its name is self-explanatory. With its help, you will literally know each click of the button made on the keyboard. In addition, this function expands its powers on Mac and Windows as well.

Depending on the price plan, you are flexible with the number of target devices you would like to track. The sky is the limit, but in this case customers are offered to know what is happening on up to twenty-five different gadgets.

The list of opportunities can’t but please. Want to know more?

Visit their official website:

Enormous compatibility

flexispy-iconFlexiSPY is definitely worth going for. With thirty different features, it is a solid competitive to mSpy and Hoverwatch.

What is precious about this solution, is that it is suitable for several iOS and Android versions, even the latest ones. Moreover, this spying program allows you to forget about jailbreaking or rooting the target gadget.

FlexiSPY  has an advanced notification and warning system. So you will be always in charge of the hot events with a person under your surveillance.

Snapchat control, photo monitoring, ability to export data — these functions are just the tip of the iceberg of what FlexiSPY can offer to its customers.

Would you like to test how functional FlexiSPY is?

Then just do it:

It is important to notice that some websites offer tracking software for free. Be attentive with those sites – there are no free tracking applications, and websites that offer them just spread viruses to the devices via downloaded apps. Besides, such free apps will never forward someone’s text messages to your phone.

Wrap it up

To monitor or not to monitor? Even though Shakespeare is eternal, the answer to this modern question is obvious. If you want to do your best to save your beloved people and protect your private and professional spheres of life, then spying solutions are always there to help you.

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    • Hello David,

      In most cases cell phone tracking apps work secretly and a person does not know that he/she is tracked. But in any case you have to install a cell phone tracker on the target device, a physical access is required for that.
      mSpy spyware can be installed remotely if you choose mSpy Without Jailbreak with fewer monitoring features using iCloud credentials of the target device. Make sure it backs up on a regular basis (every 24 hours). Still, the access may become necessary if iCloud backup isn’t activated on the device. More detailes about mSpy and further questions, you can find here.
      Let us know if everything is clear to you or if you have further questions.

  1. What app can I use to see if my wife is cheating I want to see her text without downloading an software I have a iPhone she has a android I know but wanna make sure cause you can tell when your partner acts different after 9 years of marriage it’s crazy couldn’t even make it to 10 almost a decade but idk I’ve been looking for days everything say buy and download to computer I just wanna put the number in and be able to see.

    • Hello Mike,

      If your partner has Android phone, then unfortunately remote installation is not available. You have to download the app on the target phone, you want to track.


  2. If your partner has Android phone, then unfortunately remote installation is not available. You have to download the app on the target phone, you want to track.

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