How to see who your girlfriend is texting?

Every day, more than 6 billion messages are sent in the US. People chat about everything they can. We bet that your partner is texting too.

The question is who are they texting and do they cheat on you? Let us find out how that can be checked.

Is it really possible to see who your girlfriend is texting?

Yes, some options to see who your girlfriend or boyfriend is texting exist. It all depends on the situation.

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By using some of the downlisted methods, you will easily see the people your partner texts, what they write, their media, voice messages, and other interesting information.

All these things will help you get a broader view of your girlfriend’s or boyfriend’s activity on the Web.

Methods to find out who your girlfriend is texting

The easiest method is by taking their phone in your hands and reading all the conversations. All that is required here is that you know the password. However, this way you will only have a glance at the contacts with the previous messages.

It is easy to get caught red-handed and the risk is not always worth it.

To ensure that your partner is loyal, you must be able to see all their conversations including deleted messages and media files. And, of course, you should not get caught because this will bring up some awkward conversations.

Making a conclusion without seeing the whole picture will be very difficult.

We get two problems:

  1. Checking her phone regularly is risky and inconvenient.
  2. You do not have enough time to read all the conversations.

There is software that lets you check everything that is related to the phone on any other device.

It is the most reliable method because it is invisible on the user’s device and you only need a few minutes to install it. After that, no new actions are required.

What is the best way to check if your girlfriend is texting another guy?

If you suspect that your girlfriend is secretly texting another guy, it is likely that she is doing it stealthily. You will never find any proof unless you deliberately search for it.

A careful girl will regularly delete her conversations and all subsequent mediafiles. When you take her phone, all you will see empty chat logs and nothing interesting in the gallery.

The most reliable way to check whether your girlfriend is texting another guy is using spyware. Such applications save all the information from conversations in different messaging apps, even if it is deleted.

Later on, this info can be seen in your personal dashboard from a PC or any other device. Below is a list of some of the most reliable spy apps that work in stealth mode. Each supports both Android and iOS devices of different versions.

mSpy – this app lets you view contacts and everything that is related to them. Root and jailbreak are not required for viewing contacts and text messages, but you will need them if you decide to work with advanced features.

Remote installation is only possible with iPhones if you know the iCloud credentials and the target device is non-jailbroken.

The “Basic” plan for $29.99 per month is the one that lets you see contacts.

All Androids 4 and higher are supported. All iOS versions are supported.

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FlexiSPY – this spyware grants access to the user’s address book, call logs, and SMS messages. Root is not needed, but jailbreak is required.

The company provides a service where the application is installed for you remotely.

You need physical access to all the devices. The “Lite” version costs $29.95 per month. It is compatible with Android 4-10 and iOS 6-13.

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Highster Mobile lets you monitor contacts and calls. It does not require root or jailbreak for using the mentioned features, but having these will grant access to some additional possibilities.

Android phones require physical access during the installation process, while with iPhones the app can be installed remotely via iCloud if you know the login and password.

You will need the “Basic” account for $29.99.

The app is compatible with all Android and iOS versions.

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Each spyware comes with its own features, compatibility, and pricing. Choose the most suitable option, pay, install it, and voila!

How to read my girlfriend’s text messages?

A careful girl will regularly delete the information she would like to hide. This may be a problem if you decide to take her phone and read the conversations. Deleting secret conversations won’t help as long as spyware is installed on her mobile phone.

All the applications that were listed above save all the chats with texts, media, and voice messages.

Even if something was deleted, it will still be available on your personal dashboard. Nothing can be hidden.

How to read my girlfriend’s messages in IM chats: WhatsApp, Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, etc?

If you are eager to see what your girlfriend is discussing with her friends in all messaging applications, you should install a spy app on her phone.

It will save all the chats and make them available for you in one place. It is possible to turn on keyword alerts so that you would be notified if a specific word or phrase was mentioned. This feature may be found in the software above.

Spyware is must-have because it lets you see any information you want without touching the target device.

All you need are a couple of minutes to install the app. After that, it will work in stealth mode (if that’s what you have selected) and you won’t be caught.

Other cool tracking features which you may need to spy on your girlfriend

Chats are not enough for you, huh? Well then, the number of features provided by spyware appears to be even bigger than that. For instance, you can record phone calls and save them so that it would be possible to listen to them afterward.

Did your girlfriend tell you that she is going to a specific place? You can check whether she is not cheating with the location tracking feature.

Want to know what she looks upon the Web? Then check her browser history and visit the same sites to get to know her interests better.

Spyware provides a huge list of possibilities that can let you check every bit of information on the phone. Each feature can be found on the official websites of the listed applications.

How to see who your girlfriend is texting on her iPhone/Android?

To find out for sure who your girlfriend is texting on her iPhone or Android, you have to install spyware on her device. It is the only guaranteed way to find out whether she is cheating on you or not.

  • Install and set the app according to your preferences. A detailed instruction will be given to you after the app is bought.
  • Check the information on the personal dashboard.

If you need assistance, you can use the mAssistance service for mSpy or a similar service for FlexiSPY.

To sum up

Having no doubts about the loyalty of your partner is crucial when being in a relationship. Using spyware is the only option to clarify all doubts and find out whether a partner is cheating or not.

It is also a good way to make sure they are safe because of the many other features that are provided by this type of software.

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