How to see who your girlfriend is texting?

A small preview: When should you worry and check your girlfriend’s phone?

The basis of all relationships is trust. Unfortunately, sometimes such situations occur that it is impossible not to follow the rule of thumb: trust but verify. This is especially true in those cases where the behavior pattern of your partner is not changing for better.

In my case, recently I have noticed that my girlfriend started to behave oddly – she spends too much time chatting with someone, does not tell where she goes and she has changes the password to her accounts. I thought it was quite strange – we have always committed to each other. But I decided not to frighten her with my suspicious and check everything by myself.

So I asked my friend for the advice – what should I do to find out whom my girlfriend is texting without touching her phone? His answer was simple – to use tracking software.

How to Read Girlfriend’s Text Messages

Investigating this problem, I found out there are a lot of similar cases as mine. That is why I could understand why there had appeared so many spying applications. The more variable the choice is, the better it is for a customer to choose the most appropriate program for satisfying such a delicate need. That was my initial thought. Luckily, I was not as wrong as I could be.

How spying app helped me find out the truth?

So, what did I do? I waited until she left her phone and installed tracking app. It took me just a couple of minutes, and when the installation was complete, I received the notification at my personal account. The functionality of the solution was impressive, but I was focused on my desire to check the reason of her enlarged chatting activities.

When I actually found the opportunity to find out whom my girlfriend is texting without touching her phone, I understood that I should have done that before.

I have got access to the SMS that she received but found nothing interesting. I checked her emails, and there was also nothing that could attract my attention. But when I finally read messages that she received via IM chats, I’ve realized that I was right.

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How to Read Deleted Text Messages

I have spent some time trying to figure out where my ex-girlfriend’s secret chat was hidden. Only days or weeks later after showing all the cards, I realized that I had failed to use all the opportunities of the tracking solution I installed.

First of all, I decided to check the list of its functions. Spying app that I have installed gave me the opportunity to monitor all the activities at the device. However, I was mostly interested at the possibility to read messages that she sends and receives. So I missed all the additional opportunities.

Frankly speaking, I was impressed. For instance, my solution provides customers with the ability to track the deleted text messages as well. I decided not to check the whole history of my ex-girlfriend’s chats to keep my nerves steady. But I took good note of this feature.

How to read Girlfriend’s Messages in WhatsApp, Facebook

The same concerns the ability to know what is going on in your partner’s social networks. With the help of tracking programs, it is not a must at all to know the passwords of messengers like WhatsApp or Instagram.

find whom my girlfriend is texting Literally speaking, the program will do the entire job for you and instead of you. Apart from providing access to the text data, the users are also able to see what files are sent in this particular network or messenger. I must say this feature is adorable. Unfortunately, it is easy to shake your convictions and trust in something or someone just because of the only strange or 18+ image.

Best Spy Apps to check whom my girlfriend is texting

I do believe you are interested what application I used to spy my girlfriend. For that, I used one of the most popular and reliable solutions presented on the market.

HoverWatch is a solution I can recommend everyone. This program can boast of a powerful suite of standard functions, as well as unique spying abilities. For instance, with its help, it is easy to track the person’s activities in Snapchat. And that is one of the safest networks for a reason. Another excellent feature is the ability to track the to-do list on the target device. Useful? Indeed.

I maintain the opinion that it is much better to check everything on your own (you can understand why), so follow the link and check out which benefits the manufacturer presents to each customer:

Of course, it would be a bit strange to put the only application on the list of top-best spying programs. So I took a step further and made research. As a result, I have found two more apps which tracking functionality can be described simply top-notch.


My second choice is Highster Mobile. The ability to make a screenshot of what your girlfriend is doing right now is second to none. Highster Mobile offers that and even more. For instance, with this application, you can monitor all the person’s phone-deeds with timeline. In simple words, it is a well-structured statistics for the entire list of activities made during a whole day. Want to get a deeper insight into this application? Follow the link:

mSpy software My last but not less important winner is mSpy. This solution pleases with numerous advanced features. Among them, there is a keylogger function. It is aimed at recording the target device’s keystrokes. What else is precious about the manufacturer’s attitude to a customer, is their multi-language support. They are always there to help you all day long, any day of the week. For them, there is no such thing as bad weather. Find out more interesting details about this application via the link:

Other top spying features

Each solution of the kind is somewhat unique. In general, there are two categories of them: pre-paid and free-of-charge. In turn, the functionality depends on this parameter significantly.

Given the previously mentioned information, I would like to highlight some essential spying features. While decision-making in favor of or against tracking someone’s mobile device, they will help you lay out your priorities.

For instance, a user of this service can receive on his email a report on the calls made by the target person. In this perspective, you can check those people with whom your soulmate spends hours talking and laughing. Besides, it is an awesome feature to get audio records of such conversations. Want to have a 100%-evidence about your partner’s faith? Here you are.

The functional capabilities can impress even more. For instance, a great spying feature is providing the history of visited pages in the browser. No matter where your girlfriend surfs the Internet, you will get to know if she searches for something not acceptable.

The manufacturers go even further: it is possible to forbid access to some undesirable websites for your partner.

Moreover, you are welcome to get to know the geolocation of your girlfriend. If I had known about this functional ability at a good hour, I would have been able to see if my darling’s words were true to reality.

Wrap it up

Of course, my story is not so positive like it could be, but it is encouraging enough to install tracking app and start monitoring your partner right now. If I had done that immediately, I could save so much time. I could always know everything about her and find out whom my girlfriend is texting without touching her phone. Do not repeat my mistakes – you can always prevent such situations, because now you know what you should do. Just install special software and start using it!

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