Remote Spy Call Recorder: Save Phone Calls Automatically

Remote call recording is a very useful feature when you have any suspicions about your partner. It can help you find out the truth and prevent unwanted situations.

However, there are many different applications and it is hard to choose one that really works. Let us have a closer look into it.

Why do you need a remote call recorder?

According to infidelity statistics, around 40% of all relationships in the USA have got at least one case of infidelity. It is a huge number, so if your partner has suddenly started acting weird, this might be the case.

A call recorder is one of the features that let you clarify all doubts and make sure whether your husband, wife, boyfriend, or girlfriend is really cheating on you or not.

You can also use the software to make sure your children do not communicate with strangers and unwanted people.

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How to secretly record your partner’s phone calls?

Most modern phones include built-in call recording features. However, the recordings are only saved on the device where the call was made and are unavailable online.

This makes checking the calls inconvenient because you may easily get caught browsing your partner’s phone. The same goes for regular applications that can be downloaded from Play Market or App Store. The owner of the device will see the application icon and will be informed that the call was recorded.

To avoid any possible awkward situations, it is recommended to use spyware that features remote call recording. The main reasons why it is recommended instead of regular applications are:

  • Recordings can be checked online without having physical access to the device;
  • It is possible to hide the application so that the owner would not see its icon (optional);
  • Calls are recorded with time stamps and phone numbers.

Therefore, if you want to secretly record your partner’s phone calls, spyware is the only option where this is guaranteed.

What else can you do with spyware?

When you download a regular call recorder, there are no other features in it. Of course, it is not bad if you do not need anything else.

But if you want to uncover a cheating partner, it is better to do it with complex monitoring. Most spyware applications include:

  • Conversations from Whatsapp, Viber, Telegram, Messenger, SMS, and others;
  • Deleted messages and chats;
  • Multimedia files: photos and videos from the device;
  • Contacts that are saved on the phone;
  • Keystrokes: see everything that is written on the device’s keyboard;
  • GPS locations.

By using only the phone recorder, you still cannot conclude by 100% that something is not right. As you can see, spyware provides a full number of features that will help you make sure whether your partner is cheating or not.

This is the only way to keep your family safe when there are any suspicions.

Best phone call recording solutions

There are several apps that are good at recording phone calls. Here is a list of the best software available on the Web:


flexispy-icon Runs on Android and iOS devices. The prices start from $199 per 3 month (Extreme account type).

With FlexiSPY, you see all the information in your monitoring dashboard. You can record either all the calls or only those that interest you. The phone numbers and time stamps are saved too. You can also listen to the recordings via the FlexiVIEW mobile app. Root or jailbreak is not required.

If you have troubles installing the software on your own, FlexiSPY provides an Installation Service. A technician from the company will root or jailbreak your device and install the software with all the required settings. This saves a lot of time and makes the process much easier.

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hoverwatch-logo Works only on Android phones. Its price starts from $24,95 per month.

With HoverWatch, you may listen to phone calls, check their durations, time and dates, and can also download the conversations as an audio file. Moreover, you get the location from which the call was made if GPS is turned on the target phone. Root is not required.

Please note that there are no free spyware applications that provide quality service. If an app claims to be 100% free, it either won’t work or will appear to be a trial.

Record calls now

How to install a phone recorder?

A phone recorder can be easily installed on both Android and iOS devices. Just follow these three steps:

  1. Purchase the software.
  2. Install and tune the software (you will receive a detailed manual).
  3. Check the information on the personal dashboard.

Usually, it is as simple as installing a regular app from your browser. If anything seems to be unfamiliar, just use the detailed guide you receive after the purchase or contact customer support. By FlexiSPY there is a special installation service available, which will help you to install a spyware on the target device.


Are there any free call recorders?

Yes, there are free call recorders that are even available on Play Market or App Store. However, not all of them really work and each application does not work in a hidden mode. The owner will easily find out about the software on their device. This won’t happen with spyware because it works in a hidden mode and is guaranteed to function as it is supposed.

If you want to use the software for free, you can try out the free trial provided by HoverWatch. The program can be used for several days without payment.

How do I know whether my wife\husband is cheating on me?

If your partner is making regular calls to someone you do not know, their call history is always clear, and there are many unknown number in their phone, it is recommended to install a call recorder on their mobile phone.

This software will let you hear their conversations and make sure that you do not get caught while doing so.

Will my partner know about the call recorder?

When you install the software, you get an option to either display its icon so that the owner would see it or hide it so that you could secretly track their activity. It all depends on you.

Which is the best hidden call recorder?

Among many applications with similar features, it is recommended to use HoverWatch and FlexiSPY. Although you will have to pay for the usage, you can be sure that the features work, and your information is not stolen by third-party companies.

Final thoughts

Suspicions are never a good thing. Before you proceed to such measures like installing spyware on your partner’s device, try talking to them about the situation.

If there is no result, use the software to clarify all your doubts. This is the only way you can be sure about what is going on while you are not there.

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Comments (3):
  1. I do the same with my employees. Helps me to be always aware of what’s going on in my office while I’m always or when someone seems to behave strangely. My employees know that I have the right to record the calls they do from the office in order to protect myself together with my colleagues from unjust situations.

  2. As an owner of a small company, I fully agree with the previous comments. It’s like CRM for your employees. You control their effectiveness and any mistakes they make while talking to clients. Moreover, these functions protect your data from unfair employees in case they are planning not to keep the information confidential.

  3. The coolest function to me. I’m a busy person and it’s perfect for me to follow the events happening on the mobile phone of my elderly mom. She agreed to install a spy app on her device in order to check conversations that seem to be strange and unpredictable. When she feels insecure about the one she’s taking to on the phone, she asks me to check it and I always have a possibility to listen to this or that conversation through my personal account.

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