Best Apps with a Call Recorder to Listen to Phone Conversations

Call Recorder to Listen to Phone Conversations

The amount of time our kids and workers spend on their smartphones is rapidly growing, and this makes us concerned that they may use their devices against their own and our safety. That’s the reason parents and employers around the globe are looking for a possible solution that would protect them and their loved ones from danger.

This is where spyware with all its capabilities comes to their rescue. Unfortunately, not all spying apps are capable to record phone calls, and this article will give you an idea about the ones that are worth considering.

Why do you need to record all this info?

Call logging is undoubtedly one of the main features of all spy apps:

  • it gives an important info about each and every call made or received by a target mobile such as the name and the number
  • as well as the call date,
  • time and duration.

But this is not always enough, and there might be a situation when you need to record an important conversation, job interview or business discussion.

Apart from a call recorder, some spy apps allow you to listen to the target phone surroundings, i.e.  background noises and conversations, which sometimes can be even more important than a call listening service. With an ambient recording function you will always stay in the loop and avert unexpected troubles that might happen with your child, employee, or even yourself.

Consider your country regulations

Once installed, an app with a call recording function provides an immediate access to a whole truckload of its hacking features, but not to a call recorder itself, which is disabled by default. Though it is easy to enable it by clicking an adequate button in the apps’ settings, nevertheless, before doing that you should check your country’s attitude towards this option. The reason is that recording of phone calls is considered illegal by some governments – unless you have consent of all participating parties.

If your country approves that, you can boldly start using this function, which is better to do in a tandem with a key logger details that help you choose the most suspicious and asking for listening calls.

Top 3 Best Phone Trackers to Record Conversations


iKeyMonitor for freeiKeyMonitor is one of the most efficient tracking apps, which stands out for its ability to record all sent and received phone calls, voice messages and surroundings and save and listen to them at any time. Though all calls are secured by encrypting, iKeyMonitor uses one of the best recording formats, which enables a high quality of records. With the iKeyMonitor app you will be able to play them back or share via email, text message and some other mediums.

iKeyMonitor is compatible with all popular platforms and  its stealth mode allows you to be constantly unknown while offering a full access to a generous package of other spying properties. You will be able to track the location of your target, utilize an elaborate key logger, check instant and multimedia messages and keystrokes, monitor an internet and social media activities, capture screenshots and even block specific games and application on your target device.

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A Copy9’s call recorder function is just as capable as the above one. With this feature you are able to record, store and to be attuned to the context of any call (incoming and outgoing) as well a target phone’s surroundings. All records are encoded and compressed into an upscale format secured by your privileged access to the stored audio data, which, in turn, can be played back, emailed or sent through various mediums.

Copy9 is synchronous with both Android and iOS platforms and gives you a free hand to a large set of other undetectable tracking opportunities. It allows you to locate your child, spouse or an employee, track SMS and MMS messaging, monitor internet usage and social media accounts, find out passwords and other valuable info with a key logging function, have access to galleries, calendars, notes and to-do lists and many other spying properties.

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A Hoverwatch’s call recording function gives you an opportunity to record, store and listen to both-sides phone calls as many times as you like. It uses one of the best formats for records encrypting which alongside with other security measures helps to keep all the info safe from any bystanders.

Hoverwatch’s spyware is able to retrieve a whole set of other vital info from your target mobile. The app is agreeable with Android, Windows and Mac and its outstanding hacking abilities starting from effective locating and messages’ tracking and ending by detecting replacement of a SIM card ensure effective monitoring of your target mobile while being totally unknown and invisible for it.

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Cutting a long story short, recording calls, surroundings or voice messages proves to be not a paranoid curiosity, but a basic necessity. We all may come across a situation where being able to record and listen to a certain conversation can be one of the most vital and wise decisions. This makes this feature an excellent controlling tool that is used by zillions of people around the globe.

If you want to use a reliable and consistent application with a top-quality recording function, we recommend you to use iKeyMonitor and Copy9 apps as the ones that, except for a phone call, can also record surroundings a voice messages.

3 Responses
  1. I do the same with my employees. Helps me to be always aware of what’s going on in my office while I’m always or when someone seems to behave strangely. My employees know that I have the right to record the calls they do from the office in order to protect myself together with my colleagues from unjust situations.

  2. As an owner of a small company, I fully agree with the previous comments. It’s like CRM for your employees. You control their effectiveness and any mistakes they make while talking to clients. Moreover, these functions protect your data from unfair employees in case they are planning not to keep the information confidential.

  3. The coolest function to me. I’m a busy person and it’s perfect for me to follow the events happening on the mobile phone of my elderly mom. She agreed to install a spy app on her device in order to check conversations that seem to be strange and unpredictable. When she feels insecure about the one she’s taking to on the phone, she asks me to check it and I always have a possibility to listen to this or that conversation through my personal account.

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