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In case you can not find the information you need with the help of GPS or SMS tracker, then you can try to listen to phone calls on the target device. With call recording software you can record calls on iPhone or even record Skype calls.

How to record a phone call?

feature_recordingMany tracking softwares give possibility to monitor call logs (mSpy). You can simply check all the necessary details about phone calls: time, their duration, number etc. However there are cell phone spywares, which can even record phone calls for you. In order to spy calls, you need to buy and install a call recording app (HoverWatch for example) on the target mobile phone and simply listen to them in your online tracking account. Spy call recorder is an ideal app for employers who want to listen to conversations of their employees with customers. Moreover, you can check if the phone is used for personal needs during working hours. Such spy call tracker helps you to listen and record calls on iPhone or Android. If you kid-teenager lies to you, it can be easily checked with phone tracker even on iPhone or Android cell phones.

Is a phone call recording legal?

Nowadays this spying option is illegal, so you should check laws of your country before installing a call recorder. In any case, if you want to record calls on a mobile phone you should notify the person you want to monitor about that.

How can you record calls on Android?

With HoverWatch cell phone tracker you can easily listen and record calls on the target device. It is possible now to spy on cheating partner any time. HoverWatch spyware intercepts the phone calls and sends their recordings to your online account. Thus you can listen to them any time. 

Is there any call recorder for Skype?

In order to record Skype conversations you need to install call recording software, which have possibility to track Skype application. We recommend you to visit our Phone tracker reviews section and choose your ideal call recorder for Skype.

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3 Responses
  1. I do the same with my employees. Helps me to be always aware of what’s going on in my office while I’m always or when someone seems to behave strangely. My employees know that I have the right to record the calls they do from the office in order to protect myself together with my colleagues from unjust situations.

  2. As an owner of a small company, I fully agree with the previous comments. It’s like CRM for your employees. You control their effectiveness and any mistakes they make while talking to clients. Moreover, these functions protect your data from unfair employees in case they are planning not to keep the information confidential.

  3. The coolest function to me. I’m a busy person and it’s perfect for me to follow the events happening on the mobile phone of my elderly mom. She agreed to install a spy app on her device in order to check conversations that seem to be strange and unpredictable. When she feels insecure about the one she’s taking to on the phone, she asks me to check it and I always have a possibility to listen to this or that conversation through my personal account.

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