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Among all the IM chats Skype is definitely the most popular one. It is available for all the devices running on all the existing OS. Users know have being known it for years as this program first appeared as the application for the personal computers running on Windows, Mac and Linux. Today Skype may be installed practically at any device that has Internet connection. According to the latest data, there are over 600 million of active users and their number continues to grow. Skype is #1 communication tool. And it is quite obvious that there is a plenty of tracking applications that allow to monitor Skype activity. These applications usually are aimed to collect all the information transmitted and received via Skype including text messages, multimedia files and calls.

Who may use Skype spyware?

Generally, each person interested in Skype spy apps may download and install this software at the target device. All the users of spyware may be categorized into three groups: employers who take care about keeping insider information protected, parents who want to safe their children, and spouses who want to monitor their partners.

How to get Skype spy software?

skype-spy Perhaps each spyware developer offers application with an option to monitor Skype activity. Browse through the most popular developers to find the program which is the best for you. We recommend FlexiSy software if you want to get high quality services with protected personal account and possibility to get the additional options for monitoring target device. Pay attention that if you want to use spyware, you need to buy a licensed version. Providers who offer free software which does not require any license or approval regulrally does not meet the requirements of the user and may be a source of viruses that will be installed both on your device and target device.

What should I receive with Skype Spy software?

If you have decided to monitor Skype activity of the target, you need to know what options you will receive. First of all, it is a history of correspondence. Except for the current messages, you will receive the access to all the deleted messages, messages from the contact that are no longer at the contact list of the target, and detailed information on the history of activity: when the contacts were added and deleted, history of calls, sent and received files (video, audio, photo and text files). The second thing is regular reports on the received files and messages. Each time when a target receives the messages, you immediately receive it too. You will be able to track this information via your personal account where all the data is kept. The third thing which you get with Skype tracking software is access to all the information about contact list of your target. You will be able to check hidden details and get to know more about people who regularly communicate with the person you spy on.

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