How to Hack into Someone’s Skype?

Skype is one of the most popular communication services in the world, with over 300.000 active users and over 4 billion total users. It’s usually used for business purposes, such as video meetings and communication between colleagues or within a team.

However, it’s also used as a social network for video calls and messaging. As such, it can be used for cheating or sharing a company’s confidential information.

Do you suspect your partner, your employee is selling confidential data, or need to ensure that your children are behaving safely?

Then, you surely want to find out the truth. The only way to do it is by hacking their Skype. To do that, follow one of the steps described in this post.

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Reasons to Consider Hacking a Skype Account

You may be asking yourself: Do I have a valid reason to hack someone’s Skype?

Well, if that’s on your mind, you probably do.

But let’s see what the most common reasons to opt for hacking Skype are:

Parental control

Skype tracking allows you to check your child’s Skype activity, including messages and calls. Thus, you can prevent your kids from sending any inappropriate media or texts, as well as check who they are talking to. You can do this legally when children are under the age of majority.

Cheating partners or spouses

If you’re uncertain about whether your partner is truthful to you or they have cheated on you before, Skype monitoring is a good way to regain trust. Mind you, so as not to misuse these methods, you can do it legally only with their agreement.

Is Skype safe for communication and can it be really hacked?

Skype is safe for all types of communication as it uses Advanced Encryption Standard (AES), an encryption method also used by the US Government. This means that all messages, video calls, voice calls, and file transfers are protected and safe. However, keep in mind that Skype-to-ordinary-phone-network calls aren’t encrypted.

Now, comes the question: Can you hack Skype despite its strong encryption?

The short answer is YES. Skype can be hacked in various ways. Some of them are really simple like the classic “forgotten password” which is followed by a password reset.

Now, let’s check out the best methods to hack someone’s Skype account.

Best Methods to Hack Someone’s Skype

What hangs in the minds of many of you is how to spy on someone’s Skype chat messages or how to track Skype calls.

Here are the five best methods to do so:

Password Reset

This is the simplest method to hack one’s Skype, but keep in mind that you need access to the primary email that has been associated with the account in question. If you don’t have it, you should skip to some other solutions.

For this method, simply request a password reset on the login page by going to “I forgot my password.” Once you sign in to the person’s email, you’ll see a mail with the steps to reset the Skype password. Then you can go to Skype with the new password and check call logs, messages, and any other info you want.

Account Clone

These are steps you should take to hack someone’s Skype password if you can’t log in to the target’s email:

  1. Register a new, disposable, Skype account, with the target account’s credentials – mail, gender, date of birth, country, etc. You will be notified that there’s already an account connected to the email in question.

  2. When you’re taken to the Dashboard of your new account, skip all the steps until you’re taken to the home screen.

  3. Go to “reset password” and enter the email. Upon doing this, you’ll receive the “password token,” and you should click on the “temporary code link.”

  4. This will activate a page where you can reset the password for any account registered with the email.

  5. Choose the original account (not the disposable one that you made), change the password, and you’re in!

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Spy Apps

To obtain access to someone’s Skype account via the first two methods, you have to know the correct email address that he/she used to register along with all the credentials. Even then, the owner can change the password you’ve assigned easily, and you’re back to square one.

So, the next method proved to be much more reliable and efficient than the password reset.

Several spy apps allow you to spy on someone’s messages, calls, photos, etc.

The most advanced ones that offer the most functionalities for Skype are:

Each of them has some specificities and distinctive features, but more on that in a minute.


Another method used to gain access to someone’s Skype is to send them spam links from another account (preferably a friend’s account, because the target person is more likely to click on them).

Phishing links are also often sent via emails that look similar to a valid Skype notification. This means you should choose a name that looks like it belongs to Skype’s customer support.

Once a person follows the link, they are redirected to a page that will ask them to log in to Skype. After they do, the email and password fall into your hands.

This method is not elaborated on further because it is borderline cybercrime. You are not advised to try this and attack anyone with phishing links – especially your beloved ones.

Key Logging

People can also use keyloggers to learn someone’s Skype email and password.

There are both hardware and software keyloggers. The former ones are most commonly inserted as a USB, whereas the latter need to be installed on the target device.

What they do is retrieve all keystrokes (logs) and send them to you. So, obviously, once a person enters the password, you’ll see it, and then you can log in.

However, there’s a slight problem here. Just think about it: How many of you don’t actually type the password, but have it memorized so that you can just click to sign in? And how many of you stay signed in without ever signing out of Skype?

Which Spy Apps to Use?

There is a plethora of spyware with similar functions, but the following three stand out as the most useful Skype hack tools:


mSpy software This software is primarily oriented toward Skype parental controls once it is installed on the target device.

You can install mSpy on the Android device and iOS 7 or older without any changes. However, in order to spy Skype, the phone should be rooted or jailbroken so that the app can run in the background. Also, Skype features are in the Premium package of the app.

These are the main features of mSpy:

  • Monitoring Skype text messages from your Control Panel (even those that were deleted),
  • Tracking Skype calls and their duration,
  • Blocking undesired contacts on Skype.

Try mSpy


eyeZy icon eyeZy is a popular spying app for Android and iOS devices. It comes with features that allow you to track all activities on cell phones without being discovered. It’s also great for hacking Skype accounts.

One of its best features is the Keylogger, which allows you to see every keystroke the person tracked makes. With this, you’ll easily find out Skype’s password, email password, fake contacts names, and every single word they type on their phone.

With eyeZy, you can:

  • Record the screen
  • See each keystroke made
  • Read messages
  • See all calls made
  • See Skype contacts.

Try eyeZy


hoverwatch-free-trialIf you’re wondering how to hack someone’s Skype camera, Hoverwatch might be the answer.

It is only available for rooted Android devices, and with the Personal plan, you can use it on one device.

Here’s what you can do with Hoverwatch:

  • Take and save photos from the camera,
  • Record Skype calls,
  • Read Skype text conversations.

Try Hoverwatch

Frequently Asked Questions

Let’s briefly tackle some of the common questions about Skype hacking:

Is it possible to hack a Skype password by knowing the username?

The truth is that it’s not entirely possible to hack Skype only by knowing someone’s username.

To manage to hack into someone’s account, in addition to the username, you must know all the info the user used when registering (birth date, country, gender, etc.) or have access to their email.

Can I hack a Skype account without downloading anything?

The short answer is: Yes, you can.

However, methods that don’t require any software are unreliable because they involve changing the password of the account or require you to go into the target person’s mail.

Your best bet is to download spy apps, but only from official websites and stores.

How to hack someone’s Skype camera?

There are several ways to hack someone’s Skype camera. One of them involves using a special app like Hoverwatch. Another one uses the classic Trojan horse virus. And, the third one involves a hacker’s attack known as camfecting.

Is a Skype video hack possible?

You can hack a Skype video by using apps like mSpy and eyeZy. mSpy comes with a screen recording feature which allows you to record the screen and everything happening on it, including a video call. eyeZy, likewise, has a video recording feature, which records the phone’s screen.

How to get someone’s Skype password?

Getting someone’s Skype password (and login details) is very easy. You just need to use spy software with a keylogging feature, like eyeZy and mSpy have. This feature tracks and saves every keystroke. Hence, you have access to everything the user typed on his phone, including their Skype password.

Hack Your Way into Skype Discreetly

There isn’t a huge demand for Skype as for some other apps, but that’s precisely the reason why people use it for some shady practices.

The five methods presented above will work if you want to get into someone’s Skype and check their activity.

They can serve you to protect your kids from predators and bullies and learn about your spouse or partner’s secret flirting.

Hopefully, though, they will only reassure you that everything’s fine!

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