Take under Control and Spy on Multimedia Files

If you have ever thought about spying on your boyfriend, child or business partner, it means you want to keep everything under your control and really want to protect those people from possible threats.


However, you cannot just spy on multimedia, calls or receive access to the personal files of any person. But with the developing of spying software that helps monitoring people’s accounts and data you can get what you want.

Just install special cell phone spying app on the mobile device of the person whom you want to monitor and get all the data. All the possibilities and functions that such software providers offer are great but there are some of them which can really interest everyone.

For example, spy on multimedia, one of the most popular ways of controlling other people, is now offered by most part of tracking apps that spy on phone as everyone would like to get access to personal videos and pictures.

Get it right with monitoring videos

One of the best options of spy on multimedia that tracking apps offer is the possibility to monitor videos that are kept at target device. Using this app, you can see videos that a person has took by himself, downloaded or received as a multimedia file from one of the contacts. The access to the video is usually given through special account you can easily track them with possibility of rapid video download.

Applications that spy on multimedia usually support different formats of videos, including popular MP4, AVI, M4v, WMV and other formats such as CGM, 3G2, ASF, EPS, XPS and other formants.

All the photos are now yours

 Do you want to know what pictures your boyfriend takes? With spying apps that spy on multimedia you will get access to all the images, including personal photos, images that have been sent to the target device, downloaded images and generally all the pictures that is possible to find there. As well as with video files, you will get instant access to the images with the account of spyware that you are using.


Of course, you will be able to download files of popular formats (GIF, RAW, JPEG, PGN, ECW, EXIF and many others). Due to this, you will not miss any important photo or image kept on the mobile devices that you are monitoring.

Listen carefully – get access to audio files

Each and every person who is ready to spy on multimedia believes that he is going to exploit the fullest information about target’s life. With tracking software you will even exceed your expectations as you will get direct access even to audio files. Perhaps the most useful option of this function is that you will get the possibility to listen to the audio memos that a person takes.

Maybe, you will hear something really important that will give you a chance to change something in communication with your target. Of course, spying apps usually support all the formats, and it won’t be a problem for you to listen to the record that you want.

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