How to Record Phone Calls Secretly on Android?

Have you ever noticed your spouse or a child trying to hide a phone call from you? They go to another room or ask you to give them some privacy before they answer, probably because you may not be happy with what you can hear.

What you need to know is that no relationship can survive secrets because they lead to losing trust.

If you look for a way to make sure your family members do not do anything wrong, you can continue to eavesdrop your spouse’s or child’s phone talks or simply install an Android app to record phone calls secretly so that you can check their conversations at any time.

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How Phone Calls Can Threaten a Relationship?

We use our smartphones every day. No wonder it became our main tool to contact friends or family. But simultaneously, phone calls can adversely affect family life and even ruin a happy family.

For instance, smartphones made it much easier for an unfaithful spouse to call a paramour to get a date or even to simply flirt. The temptation is great and hard to resist, though it is devastating for one’s home life.

Teenagers tend to prove their independence and maturity. This ambition can lead them to get in touch with wrong people such as drug dealers or other criminals. If adults do not manage to stop this connection in time, their child can end up in jail or even worse.

Methods to Record Someone’s Calls on Android Secretly

  1. First of all, you can talk directly to your spouse or offspring to find out what is the matter, but usually people do not want to reveal their secrets especially if they can be disappointing. Moreover, it might make your relationship even worse.

  2. Another option is to put a wiretap in your house. In this way, you will hear any conversation, no matter if you are not there. An obvious disadvantage of this method is that you will only hear one part of the talk, which can be not enough to see the things clearly.

  3. What you can also do is to install spyware on a device to record calls on Android. It will save you much time and will definitely be cheaper than a wiretap.

Android Call Recorder Apps That Can Help You Out

Spy apps are good in terms of keeping the secrets away and staying informed about your close people’s communication with others. We’ve picked top two options for you, so that you could choose the one that fits you the best.



If you look for a reliable spy app that has gained a good reputation and has a huge variety of spy functions, then FlexiSpy will fit your needs the best.

You need to have Android OS 4.0.3 – 10  to use the app.

FlexiSpy is known for its wide range of features, and call recording on Android devices is among them.

After you purchase this app, it will allow you to record calls and even listen to them in real-time while being completely invisible for both talkers. It is quite a useful tool if you want to get information as soon as possible!

There are different subscriptions you can purchase:

  • The “Extreme” plan will fulfill your need to record calls on Android. The pricing starts at $199 per 3 months, but if you buy 12 months subscription, it will only cost you $349. No rooting is needed to use call recording feature.

Visit app’s website for more info:

If you are on budget currently, but still want to have all the necessary spy features, you should consider purchasing Hoverwatch – a more affordable, but also powerful app to record calls on Android device. Hoverwatch works on most of Android OS versions.



Hoverwatch is a convenient app which you can use to record calls on Android.

Along with the actual call recording, the app provides time and date of recording, duration and type of calls (incoming, outgoing, missed) so that you have all the necessary information on your device. Using all this data, you can find out who your partner or child communicates the most.

Hoverwatch has a variety of subscription options, starting from €24.95 per month.

Annual subscription is only €99.95. No need for rooting to use call recording feature.

Visit app’s website for more info:


In case you still have doubts concerning spy apps, here is some extra information you might be interested in.

Can I record calls on the target Android device without the person knowing?

Yes. Spy apps provide maximum privacy and allow you to stay undetected during the recording and while listening to the conversation.

Using HoverWatch or FlexiSpy, you can turn on the invisible mode and use call recorder without an icon on the target Android device.

What calls can I record on Android mobile device?

You can record any type of calls whether they are incoming, outcoming, missed, or unanswered. By this, you will be aware of all call activity from the target device and won’t miss anything important.

In case you still have doubts concerning spy apps, here is some extra information you might be interested in.

Conclusion: Awareness Is the Best Option

It has become common that people use their devices to cheat on their spouse. Nowadays children can make and receive phone calls to and from anyone and they do not realize the danger. If you are still hesitating whether you need to record call on Android device, you should definitely take measures.

We have mentioned several ways to find out who your close ones contact and what they talk about. You may try any solution, but the best one is probably installing Android call recorder apps which allow to record any conversation you need and prevent your partner or child from wrong actions.

Download a spy app for Android to record phone calls secretly.

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