How to hack WhatsApp messages without access to the phone?

Containing much information about the owner, the WhatsApp account may become a spycraft target.

Despite a good security system, it is possible to hack it and read the messages or learn other information about the person.

How to execute this plan? In what cases will it be ethical and acceptable?

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Reasons for learning how to hack WhatsApp messages

Hacking WhatsApp messages is not legal, but sometimes it is the only way of rescuing family well-being. In these cases, the account tracking is absolutely reasonable.

There are two main reasons why somebody wants to hack WhatsApp:

  • children’s and parents’ safety,
  • relationship in a couple (spouses, girlfriend & boyriend, etc.).

If your son or daughter, especially of early teens, spends all the days’ round sticking to WhatsApp, typing messages, sharing photos, or anything of this kind, it is the time to check his (her) account.

Looking through the messages and contacts helps to understand if there is any threat. For example, of sexual or cyberbullying character. It is possible to observe even deleted ones if they were saved in backupping or in iCloud.

Our parents and grandparents may happen to be a target of criminal menace as well. With age they become more trusting and easy-to-deceive. It is important to protect them from various mobile scams.

One more thing which should be highlighted, when speaking about family relations, is communication inside the couple. Male-female interaction must be confiding and free-hearted. But if the feelings have cracked, a partner tries to find a remedy in messengers and social media.

In a word, all matters connected with family comfort make hacking WhatsApp messages justified.

Is it Hard to hack WhatsApp messages?

There’s no need to have special skills if you want to observe a WhatsApp account of your relative. The plan may be realized both manually and remotely.

3 Popular Ways of hacking WhatsApp messages

  1. WhatsApp Web.

    This method needs a target phone, though for a minute or two. You are to open a web-version of WhatsApp in the browser and the app at the mobile device, then scan a QR-code for automatic program entry. It is quite simple to do but hardly it goes unnoticed.

  2. MAC spoofing.

    It resembles a process of cloning the target phone. To realize this point, you need a special Media Access Control identification number of the device (MAC address). It consists of 6 pairs of characters, divided with colons. To find it look into “Settings”, a necessary option is “WiFi Address” (or “WiFi MAC Address”).

    For the whole operation some spoofing app and uninstallation-reinstallation workaround are also required.

  3. Various spyware.

    Monitoring applications can provide access to WhatsApp account on other devices remotely. It is quite easy-to-performing and effective. Almost all communication activities may be tracked, even deleted issues.

    When choosing an appropriate way, take into consideration that you shouldn’t invade one’s privacy to make any harm. Only positive intentions may motivate the desire of hacking anybody’s WhatsApp.

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Tips on hacking WhatsApp messages without access to phone

Spying applications have different requirements. It will be a good idea to look through reviews and feedback in search of the program just for your needs and situation. Jailbreak or rooting may be needed, read all the information attentively. Remember, the best working mode is stealth.

Working with Android and iOS varies a bit. If the target device is an iPhone, iCloud credentials are the only thing, letting you hack WhatsApp messages of your child or partner. If using Android, you may need couple-of-minutes access to the phone for program installation and then act remotely.

Monitoring apps as an effective method of hacking WhatsApp messages

Every spyware provides its own set of options, depending on the pricing list.

  • Highster Mobile: WhatsApp tracking is available for PRO-accounts of both iPhone and Android users. A minute access to Android target device is needed, ID and password are for iOS-owners (the app works without jailbreak).

  • mSpy: it is compatible with both iOS (iOS 7-9.1 with jailbreak, any version without jailbreak) and Android (version 4+) devices. The appropriate plans are Premium and No-jailbreak iPhone Monitoring (iCloud credentials are needed; physical access is for 2-step verification Apple ID only).

It is not hard to hack WhatsApp messages, as you see. There are enough technical means to get success in learning personal data and drawing a conclusion if a problem exists or not.

Protect your family from mobile threats

Reading WhatsApp messages, received and sent by your children, parents or loving partners, may open hidden inner and outer problems and save a family from dissension. Moreover, this kind of hacking may keep your dearest from cyber-bullying, virtual harassment, internet scams and frauds, so popular nowadays.

Choose an effective and user-friendly method of monitoring, act legally and let mobile threats stay away from your family.

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    • Hello Krishna,

      A person can not hack WhatsApp messages with phone number. In order to read messages on another cell phone, you should install the spywareon the target device. It means that you should have the target phone in your hands for several minutes. Later the app functions secretly and it is invisible on the mobile device.
      In order to read WhatsApp messages on Android, you should root the device first. On IOS devices monitoring apps require jailbreak. (However mSpy allows Premium users to read WhatsApp messages on iPhone without jailbreak)
      Let me know if you still have any questions, I will gladly assist you.

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