Best Spying Apps with Multirole Blocking Function

These days technological novelties in general and smartphones in particular have taken over our lives becoming useful, but sometimes dangerous obsession, especially when they fall into the hands of our children or irresponsible employees.

This is where a spy app could be the most welcome tool that will help to ensure the safe usage of your kids’ devices. There are numerous comfy spy applications with variety of useful features, but today we will be looking at the blocking function, which is considered by many as one of the most important controlling features.

How to block/restrict apps on my child’s phone?

how to block-restrict apps on my child's phone

What is a spy blocking function and why do we need it?

As implied by its name, blocking function simply blocks unwanted or dangerous phone calls, messages, apps and websites on your target smartphone or other device. If your child, for example, is contacted by virtual or real strangers through messages, phone calls, emails or social media, blocking them is an easy way to protect and buffer him or her against risky communication. You also can block those apps and websites that you consider as an unwelcome obsession or a harmful possibility.

You certainly don’t have to blindly block everything, as you’ll be armed with other monitoring functions such as emailing and navigating histories as well as call- and key-loggers, which will give you quite a clear idea of what is going on and whether it needs parental intervention and guidance.

It gives you the grounds to stop some unhealthy relations either by blocking this person contact number and email address and/or by blocking other ways of interaction with the same or other troublesome individuals.

At the same time, the same blocking function will enable you to stop the addiction of your child or a worker to use undesirable apps and websites (e. g. with adult or suicidal content) with just one or two clicks on the app control panel.

Let’s have a look at the best spy apps where blocking function is accompanied by a number of other effective controlling features, which makes them excellent tools for protecting your loved ones from exposure to dangers.



mSpy is one of the most reliable spying applications with extensive blocking abilities. It embraces a unique combination of tracking properties such as key- and call-logging or access to emails and internet activities, which allow you to detect the most hazardous social media contacts, websites and applications, and block them while being constantly unknown to your target.

While lots of spy apps can block certain apps and internet activities, not so many are able to remotely block calls and text messages. But versatile blocking abilities of mSpy cover the entire spectrum of possible dangers. And its call recording function will surely be most helpful for your call blocking decisions. The app is compatible with all popular platforms and offers you a full access to numerous of other hacking properties such as your target location, screenshots of all imaginable activities or viewing his or her calendars, notes and galleries.




Using Spyzie will enable you to monitor and analyze all device activities of your child or an employee and limit or block their access to adverse contents.  With a complex set of advanced spying features such as key strocking, call logging or navigating control you will get a full picture of what is going on your target device and which websites, social media fields and apps must be cut off.

Spyzie schedule restriction feature will enable you to set deadlines for a user access. This way your child or worker could be kept away from their devices for certain periods of time meant to be used for homework, bed time or work. At these periods, your target device will be blocked from any activity like using apps or websites, calling or messaging.

Spyzie is agreeable with both iOS and Android and will arm you with impressive cluster of spying abilities starting from the constantly updated location of your target and ending by detection of a sim card change.




iKeyMonitor has long proved itself as a reliable spying app with a great truckload of effective tracking features that allow you to analyze data incoming from the target device, and limit or totally block its untrusted sources. A iKeyMonitor blocking function enables you to block certain undesirable applications, websites and social media interactions regardless of whether they were already installed or still not (but present potential harm for your kid or employee).

iKeyMonitor app is absolutely undetectable and synchronous with Mac, Android and Windows devices. It is recognized by its loyal consumers for its integrity and a handsome assortment of other spying features such as an access to phone logs, keystrokes, internet usage control, calendars and galleries. Its invisible snapshot feature allows you to be constantly updated on the latest target mobile’s activities.



When it comes to parental or employee control as a whole and blocking function in specific, it is always better and financially feasible to choose multi-faceted apps with a full set of spying features. This way you will get an all-in-one effective solution, which helps you to make the most sensible blocking decisions supported by a comprehensive set of other hacking properties.

What is more, with such apps you will be able to block not only internet-based activities, but also all calls and messages sent to your target device. With regards to the reviewed apps and judging by a price-quality ratio, it is easily seen that blocking functions of mSpy and Spyzie are the ones that satisfy the most demanding needs.

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  1. In my opinion, this is the most useful option of any spying program. If you are a parent, you constantly cope with a problem when your kid spends much time in social networks chatting with numerous friends and looking through millions of photos. I haven’t decided yet which program to choose from (MobiStealth or mSpy) but I’d like to know from the other users whether it influences your relationships. I mean any child would grow suspicious sooner or later. How do you cope with it?

    1. Hello Emmy,

      Thank you for your comment and being a responsible parent. To my mind, you should not simply install a cell phone tracker to your child’s device, but should discuss that with your kid and clarify the reasosns why you want to do that. The child should understand that you worry and do not wish to intrude privacy but rather keep everything under control and have possibility to check where your kid is right now.


    1. Hey Alison,

      If you suspect that mSpy is illegally installed on your device, you can uninstall it using the following instructions:

      iOS devices:
      Go to Cydia > Installed > Click on IphoneInternalService > Modify > Remove

      Android devices:
      Go to Phone Settings > Security > Device Administrators > Update Service > Deactivate > Get back to Settings > Apps > Update Service > Uninstall
      Please let me know if it helps.

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