How to Check Someone’s Phone Call History?

There are many situations when you want to have a look into someone’s phone and see who they contact throughout the day: who do they call, how often, how long do they speak, who calls this person, etc. However, you do not always have access to this person’s phone and the data may be deleted. Let us check all the methods to check one’s call history.

Why should you access someone’s phone call history?

We are sure that you care about your close ones and want them to stay out of trouble. Checking who a person regularly contacts can give you some understanding of what’s going on in their life.

In a relationship, there may be some suspicions of infidelity. Rather than asking questions, it is better to check your partner’s phone and see everything on your own. What if there are some fishy phone numbers whom they call daily?

Maybe, your children are contacting unwanted people. You shouldn’t have any false assumptions before there are any facts. Monitoring the call history, you will either prove or deny your accusations.

How to view the call history on iPhone?

Getting the iPhone call history is an easy task once you have got the device’s password and have physical access to it. Just follow these steps:

  1. Unlock the device.
  2. Select the green phone icon at the bottom of the screen.
  3. Press the “Recents” tab to see the call history.
  4. Scroll down for more calls.

If any names catch your eye, press the “i” button to the right of the profile for more information. Additional data like their full name, profile photo, phone number, and all the calls will be displayed.

Although it is the simplest method, it comes with several major drawbacks. For instance, you must know the password and there is a high chance of getting caught. Therefore, this option is not recommended.

How to view the call history on iPhone via iCloud?

Another variant that is safer than the previous one is trying to check the call history with the help of iCloud. 

  1. Log into the iCloud account that is on the target device from a computer or mobile phone.
  2. Find the call history among all the data that is backed up.
  3. Scroll to view more information.

However, there might be some pitfalls. If you do not know the password of the account or the backup feature is disabled, this option will be unavailable.

How to view the call history on Android?

The story does not change here. To use this method, you must know the password of the device and have physical access to it.

With Androids, the process slightly differs in each device, but the instructions are still similar:

  1. Unlock the device.
  2. Open the “Calls” tab.
  3. Switch to the “Recent” tab.

Press and hold the contact you’re interested in for more information. If nothing pops up, then push the “i” button instead. However, please note that the call logs can be easily deleted, meaning that it is likely that you won’t get anything from this option.

Remote monitoring is only available with the usage of special software. This method will be described a bit later.

How to get someone’s phone call history online via a network provider for free?

This option can only be used by people who know the credentials of the network provider account. Be aware that not all providers support this feature. 

In the United States, the list includes:

  • AT&T
  • Verizon Wireless
  • Sprint
  • T-Mobile

Generally, it will be required that you enter an account on the provider’s website and search for the “Call Logs” section. There you will see all the history for the last month.

If you do not have the login and password of the account, you will not have access to this data. Only the owner of the phone number knows these credentials.

How to check someone’s phone call history with a spy application?

The most reliable way to view the call logs without getting caught is by using spyware. With their help, you can check the information from any place in the world.

Many applications provide such a feature, but not all of them are equally trustworthy. We have gathered the most reliable software for our readers.

mSpy — this app provides a complete insight into the call history including deleted logs, contacts, timestamps, and a feature to block unwanted calls. Jailbreak and root are not required, you only have to select the “Basic” package.

FlexiSPY — this software is a great choice to view incoming, outgoing, and missed calls, deleted call logs, detailed insights on the calls, and other information. Jailbreak and root are not required, you only need the “Lite” package.

uMobix — this application provides real-time monitoring of all calls and saves all the related information. You do not need jailbreak or root, select the basic plan and the software will work.

Please note that for each spyware there is a possibility to install the program remotely via iCloud if the target device that you want to spy on is an iPhone. All you need in the following case are the credentials of the account on the target device.

Remote phone call recording

FlexiSPY provides a huge variety of features when it comes to phone monitoring. One of these is call recordings. All the user’s conversations are saved and uploaded in a private dashboard. 

An additional add-on is call interception. You can listen to real-time conversations without being detected. They won’t even have a clue that you’ve heard it all!

Another useful feature is the possibility to listen to the phone’s surroundings. With this feature, you can find out where your partner or child is at this very moment.

Its usage is quite easy: add your phone number in the dashboard of the spyware and call the target device when it is idle. This will let you spy on the surroundings while being undetected.

Frequent questions about remote phone call monitoring

If you are buzzing with questions about the usage of phone call spyware, check other popular questions that people ask.

Can you view the call history remotely?

If no additional software is used, the phone must be in your hands each time you want to check the call logs. This is very inconvenient and it brings unwanted risks of getting caught by your partner.

Special software like mSpy grants a possibility to monitor everything that is related to the call remotely. The information is uploaded online and it can be accessed via your private dashboard.

How can you save the call history without using the phone?

Using software like FlexiSPY, the calls from the target device are automatically recorded and uploaded in a secure private dashboard. From there, you can listen to the recordings or download the files on your PC. Other data like names, durations, etc will be included too.

Can I check someone’s call history online for free?

This can be done via the website of the target number’s network provider. All you need are the credentials of the attached account, otherwise, you will need physical access to the device.

How can I check deleted call logs?

To see all the deleted call logs, you must make sure that applications like uMobix or mSpy are previously installed on the device. They will save all the data even if it is deleted or the history is cleared and upload it in a personal spying online account.

What else should you know?

While there are a few free methods to monitor someone’s call history, it is recommended that you use trusted software from leading companies. This is the only real way to check the information you need. 

In case there is a need to record the phone calls, FlexiSPY provides such a feature too. Install the software now to save tomorrow’s calls in your dashboard!

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