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If you have children, then you definitely realize how important it is to keep an eye on their messages and contacts. If you run a business, you understand how tremendously employees may affect the results of your campaign. If you generate ideas to determine your lifestyle, access to another person’s phone may really change everything. Possibility to use a cell phone Spy for Android is blessing for all those people. Why? Find out reading the article!

What is the idea of monitoring software for Android?

First and foremost, you need to understand that using Android spyware has nothing common with traditional ideas of chasing people. Users of this type of software know exactly what kind of information they want to get: images and photos, messages, logs of calls or something else. We can even categorize users of these apps: parents usually track GPS locations and control messages that their children receive, employers use cell phone Spy for Android to get the idea what their employees are doing during the working hours, businessmen prefer to check whether their partners share secret information with competitors or not.

Best Spy App for Android

What benefits can you get with cell phone spy software?

Benefits, which monitoring applications offer to the users, are multiple. Each person may choose features that he prefers to use among all that are provided. However, using this app you will hardly resist the temptation to get everything that may be useful. The list of the services is traditional: logs of calls, contact list, messages (including email correspondence and IM chats), GPS tracker, videos and images, browsing history, etc. If you want to protect your children from malware contacts, the best services for you will be mentioned below.

GPS locator

This is the best idea to monitor the location of your child. With Android spyware you will get regular reports showing where your child is right now. Besides, you will get the history of locations he visited.

Contact list

Make sure that your child does not communicate with suspicious people. With this functional feature, you can check if your child communicates with trustworthy people only and doesn’t hide some aspects of his or her life from you. All the names, phone numbers, emails and Facebook accounts will be available to use at your personal account of monitoring app user.

Multimedia files

Control what your child is doing watching videos and photos he takes! On the one hand, Android spyware allows monitoring the multimedia files saved on the target device. On the other hand, you will have access to the multimedia files sent on social networks and chats.

For businessmen and employers who want to make sure that everything is OK with their business, the best options of monitoring software for Android will be the following features.

Tracking of personal messages

This option will help you make sure that insider information is not available for your rivals and competitors.

Logs of calls

Get to know how much time your employees spend to talk to their friends at work! You can also check IM chats to see whether your colleague is working or just chatting.

Browsing history

If you suspect that your employee is interested in your competitors, just check whether he looks for job offers on a website of their company. Service for browsing history of Android spyware will help you with that! The only thing you should really keep in mind trying to monitor someone is that Android spyware can be installed only at the device with correspondent OS. For other OS devices, use other types of applications.

Best Spy App for Android-GPS-tracking

What up-market features does the best spyware for Android include?

Apart from a list of standard spying features, a professional Android spyware includes the functions to enable a customer to get the deepest insight in the target user’s activities possible. Overall, these abilities provide parents with increased control opportunities and protection properties as well.


With the help of keylogger, you can get to know all typed and key pressed notes and messages. In this perspective, you can secretly find out the passwords and search requests in a browser. At the same time, this feature allows saving the text of emails and contact names as well.

Camera shots

Without a doubt, this functional ability of Android spyware is a great companion for GPS tracking. Camera shots provide you with data of what your child or employee is doing right now. So you will understand what a person is using his or her cell phone at the moment for.

Surroundings Tracking

Another function which merits are hard to underestimate is the ability to track the surroundings. You know where your child is, you even see what he or she is doing, but you do not have any idea what he or she is talking about. In this case, surrounding tracking will become an obvious lifesaver. This function allows tracking the sounds and voices surrounding the target device. So you will know for sure your child is in safety. Besides, this feature is second to none when it comes to controlling the quality of employee’s work as well.

SIM Card Detector

No matter, if a person under surveillance decides to change the SIM card, because you will still be receiving all the information about the device. Due to this feature, you will know the new telephone number of a target user, as well as any other changes made on a gadget.

To-do-list Tracking

With this feature, you will know everything about the target person’s plans. It is really convenient to make notes in cell phone’s calendars or special note applications, and a lot of people get used to this habit.

Editor’s Choice: 3 Best Solutions for Android

Of course, the list of impressive functions is not enough. It is also necessary to know which solutions offer such a variety of functions. To your attention, there are TOP-3 of the best tracking applications. Their quality and reliability have stood the test of time. Moreover, these programs have hundreds, or even thousands of true fans all over the world.


mSpy softwareWhen you want to get to know more about your child, this application is definitely worth considering. With more than 30 different functions, it amazes with its convenience in operation and adjustment properties. To get to know more about it, follow the link:


This phone tracker provides customers with numerous spying abilities. Moreover, the manufacturer has a flexible pricing policy. So anyone can choose the best package of functions. Besides, Hoverwatch is one of those rare applications which allow monitoring up to twenty-five gadgets. It sounds amazing, isn’t it? Check it out on your own:


iKeyMonitor for free Easy installation, standard and up-market spying features, and hidden mode — the mentioned advantages of iKeyMonitor are just the small part of its real abilities. It is a perfect match for parental and employee control. Intrigued? Visit their official page:


To install a spying solution for free — is that possible?

Of course, it is possible. But everything is not as simple as it may seem: nobody guarantees that a free application is free of viruses, spams and will be safe for installing and using. That is why paid applications are front-runners in the industry. First of all, they include all the necessary tracking opportunities. Secondly, you have access to the customer’s support service and will be able to solve issues, if there are any. Thirdly and finally, paid applications are synonymous to trustworthy and reliable programs.

How to install an Android spyware?

There are numerous tracking applications, and their installation can have some unique or specific features. But the overall practice shows: the installation usually takes no more than 5-10 minutes. The simple schema of installation is as follows:

  1. Take a target device and open a browser on it.
  2. Type the name of a chosen program, download it, and install.
  3. While installing, follow the installation instructions and choose the necessary program’s parameters. For instance, you can choose the mode of its operating.
  4. Finish the installation process.
  5. Is any spyware compatible with my phone?

In this case, more details come in handy. Some applications are compatible with iOS systems, some — with iPhone only. Besides, programs can be suitable for using on Mac and Windows as well. Before choosing the application, you need to check its combinability properties. Usually manufacturers provide this information on their websites. If no, do not hesitate to contact their customer support representatives to find out the necessary details.

Is it possible to spy a cell phone without jailbreaking and rooting?

Absolutely! Moreover, to monitor a device without rooting or jailbreaking will help you keep your device in a proper quality state. No risks, no harm. How to do that? There are tracking solutions with a pre-built ability to work on the target device without rooting and jailbreaking. For note, applications from Editor’s Choice section meet this parameter to the full extent.


All in all, a choice of the best spyware is a responsible decision. It will determine what exactly you will know about the target user and which opportunities you will get. However, remember one thing: any of the mentioned features is treasure. The matter is to use them wisely, thinking about the consequences. Join the club of spying enthusiasts and protect your family and friends!

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