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mobicip All parents around the world choose! This is a tracking software which is ideal for monitoring your kids. Offering all the services and facilities that help control your kid’s life, MobiCip allows to use software not only at the mobile devices, but also at computers. In this way, you can track all the spheres of your kid’s life keeping it safe and secure.


MobiCip provides users with all the features which make parental control careful and deep. For example, you may download software for mobile management with GPS tracker, call logger, and access to the contact list and some of the popular apps. You have the direct remote access to the device of your kid with this software. Use the option of regular reporting not to miss something important. Do not forget to install tracking software not only at the mobile devices, but also at the personal computer or laptop of your kid.


MobiCip has a good community system, and you can always contact to the support using your Facebook or Google+ account. Additionally, you can find solutions to the popular problems at the Support page of the website. There is also a form for contacting the support team via website.


There are three packages with different pricing, and different set of services that a person may receive.

  • Basic: is free for all new users.
  • Premium: $39.99 (can be used for 5 devices)
  • Enterprise: price depends upon a quality of requested licenses


The device may be installed on different types of the devices, including iOS, Android, and Windows. Software is available both for mobile phones and for computers.

Refund policy

MobiCip refunds all the payments in case of malfunction of the software.



  • Perfect for parents
  • Free basic mode
  • For mobile devices and fo computers
  • Set of features could be better
  • No phone support
  • Not available for Blackberry

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