How to track iMessages?

iMessage is one of the most favorite features of the iPhone. It is specially designed to keep people informed and exchange crucial information. However, it’s not strange to see that this great application is commonly used for illegal purposes.

Today, workers and children are not careful enough to make the right use of iMessage, which may result in sending out essential data of the company into the wrong hands or ending up in a destructive online relationship. Therefore, it is vital to know how an employee or a child is utilizing iMessage so that you can stop them if anything suspicious happens.

A Good Reason to Track iMessages

imessage-tracker Nowadays, millions of text messages are exchanged between iPhone users using the iMessage application. While messaging through iMessage is very useful and instant, it can also be used to exploit businesses and families. Hence, monitoring and tracking iMessages will help you to keep an eye on your children or employees, especially when they indulge in exchanging suspicious messages.

With the help of an iMessage tracking application, you can do the following:

  • Monitor all incoming and outgoing iMessage conversations and record all the details, including the date and time of every message.
  • Check all the files exchanged through iMessage, which may include photos, videos, and more.
  • View all the contacts of the target device and get to know who the target person is talking to.
  • Check the iMessage history, including the date and time when the message was sent.
  • Access all iMessage chats directly from your Control Panel.

Spying Solutions for iMessages Tracking

With the right iMessage spyware tool, you can read anyone’s text messages without being caught. There are several iMessage tracking applications out there; some of them require jailbreaking while the others do not ask for any such requirement. No matter which Apple device you want to track – iPhone, iPod, or iPad, you can easily monitor text conversations by using iMessage tracking software without any hassle.

Here are two of the best spying apps that you should definitely check out:


mSpy is developed, keeping in mind the concerns of employers and parents. As we all know that text messaging is the most popular form of communication today, especially amongst the young generation. Therefore, as a concerned parent or elder, you would want to ensure that your child is not having a conversation with a potentially dangerous person.

mSpy helps you to monitor someone’s iMessage both with or without jailbreaking. Remember, if you choose jailbreaking, you can unlock various other functions. Below is a quick overview of mSpy’s additional features that you can get: 

  • You get to access emails of the target device.
  • You can track GPS location. All you need is a strong internet connection.
  • You can even wipe out the data that you think is not appropriate.
  • You can check the website history of the target device.
  • You can also monitor every keystroke to check what the target person is typing.


iKeyMonitor is a trustworthy application that has been around since 2012. It enables you to monitor text messages on the iPhone and show whom the target user often contacts. With iKeyMonitor, you can protect your children from sexual predators, kidnappers, and other dangerous people. You can also know well in advance if an employee is leaking the company’s information and take timely action to avoid further losses. Besides, iKeyMonitor allows you to recover deleted messages and discover more secrets about your employees or family members.

With iKeyMonitor, you can sign up for free. But, if you need to access additional features, you need to buy a plan. Also, you are required to jailbreak the target device if you want to get advanced features. However, the basic functions work without a jailbreak. Here are some of the top features of iKeyMonitor:

iKeyMonitor for free You can track SMS messages and get a record of all the information, including photos, videos, and more.

  • You can use iKeyMonitor to track GPS-based locations.
  • You can block applications without the target person knowing about it.
  • You can record every keystroke and see what the target person is typing.
  • You can check the call history, including the date and time when the text message was sent.
  • You can capture screenshots and download them for future use.

How to Track iMessages on iPhone for Free?

You can also track chats using iMessage to monitor both incoming and outgoing messages on all the target iOS devices such as iPhone, iPod touch, or iPad. Not only that, with this method, you can even track images and videos, including the date and time when they were sent.

Check out the simple steps below to track iMessages on iOS devices:

  1. The first step is to open “Settings” on the target iOS device.

  2. Now, swipe down on the “Settings” menu and tap on the option “Messages”.

  3. After you choose “Messages”, click on the “Send and Receive” option to add another contact. Here, you can see all the email addresses that can view the messages of the target device.

  4. Once you complete the above process, tap on “Add” another email address. This will allow you to fill in your email address.

  5. Now that you have added the email address, you are ready to review all the received and sent messages of the target device.

What Other Spying Features you Get for iPhone Monitoring besides iMessage Tracking?

  • See SMS and iMessages: With an iOS tracking application, you can monitor all the sent and received messages. Also, you can preview contacts, images, videos, and other forms of attachments.

  • Watch Over Web Browser History: Some iOS device trackers also allow you to see web browser history. All you need to do is enter the Icloud ID of the target device and receive all the information.

  • Access Memos and Notes: Many people save passwords and other vital details in “Notes”. With the iPhone tracker, you can quickly get access to the Notes and Memos and view all the saved data.

  • See Phone Contacts: You can check out all the contact details stored on an iOS device, including contact name, email address, home address, and more.

  • View Photos of the Target Device: With an iOS tracking application, you can view photos of the target device, including personal images and videos in “Camera Roll”. Also, you can download the original image or its thumbnail.

Learn all the Secrets Today!

Using the above-mentioned stealth applications will help you track iMessages instantly. So, if you are trying to spy on someone’s personal conversation on iMessage, you can download and install the iMessage tracker on the target device and start spying immediately. You can see all the phone activities and iMessages on the target device and check whether the target person is indulging in inappropriate activities or behavior.

So what are you waiting for? Get an iMessage spying application and learn every secret today.

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