How to See Someone’s iMessages Without Them Knowing?

With the development of technology, the truth has become synonymous with cell phones.

Everything is kept on there. They hide all the secrets and unspoken words – especially messages.

For this exact reason, it might be handy for you to know how to see someone’s iMessages without them knowing.

Somebody is checking iMessages on the iPhone

Can You See Someone Else’s iMessages?

Yes, there are multiple ways to access someone else’s iMessages, aka text messages on iPhone. There are a few ways to do, so let’s get down to them.

Why Do You Need to Spy on iMessage?

If you’re in doubt whether you have a valid reason to spy on someone’s iMessages, consider the most common two reasons:

Monitoring children. Parents want to know who their children are in contact with in order to protect them. This is perfectly normal, and you have a full right to take all precautions to make sure your child is behaving in a safe way.

Infidelity. The number one clue of someone who is unfaithful is being overprotective of their phone. This might include changing their password or turning their screen away from you when they are texting. It comes as no surprise to spy on your partner’s iMessages if you noticed this kind of behavior.

How to See Someone’s iMessages through iCloud?

Using iCloud to see someone’s messages is free, but not ideal.

Firstly, you would need to enable iMessages sync on iCloud of the target phone by going to Settings > their Apple ID > iCloud > Messages > ON. Afterward, you would need their AppleID to log in from your phone and read the messages.

When you do log in, they get a notification to verify the suspicious activity. And they can always change their password. So, it isn’t really a long-term solution.

A better alternative is a spy app.

iMessages tracking with mSpy spy app

How to See iMessages from Another Device With Spy Apps?

Basically, you install a spy app of your choice on the target phone, and it runs in the background in stealth mode, collecting information.

It is an efficient & safe method that doesn’t require additional info to be able to read iMessages.

There is a slew of functionally similar spy apps. Do you also want to spy on an Android phone? No problem! Most of them work on both OS.

For instance, mSpy is a phone tracker with a bunch of different features in addition to spying on iMessages. It lets you find out virtually anything that you wish, and, more importantly, it’s easy to use. In fact, you don’t have to be tech-savvy to use any of these. They all provide you with almost the same spying features.

While mSpy offers the most functionalities for your buck, uMobix is also a good example of phone monitoring software. The reason why they are better for this purpose than some other spy apps is the fact that they have plenty of iMessage-related features .

Features of Spy Apps for Reading iMessages

As mentioned, spyware features are nowhere limited to iPhone text messages, and this is not an extensive list.

But let’s go over those features that are interwoven with reading iMessages:

  • See iMessage History. You can access messages that were sent or received after you installed the spy app on the device. In other words, you can read the full conversation with someone, including outgoing and received iMessages.

  • Read All iMessage Chats. You have access to all conversations in the iMessage app. It’s transparent who is the sender and who is the receiver. If the sender is saved under a contact, you’ll see their name and number.

  • All Exchanged Media. Additionally, spyware grants you the opportunity to view any files which were sent or received, including documents, photos, videos, and voice messages.

  • Reading Deleted iMessage Messages. Frequently, it’s precisely the deleted messages that contain crucial information. Luckily, spy apps let you recover deleted messages from the iPhone and read them.

  • See Someone’s Location on iMessage. You can track someone’s GPS location and even movements if they have their location available on iMessage.

  • See Someone’s iMessages Without Notifying Them. A spy app will not show any notification on the other person’s device when you are reading their iMessages.

Tracking iMessages with uMobix

Installation Guide

The installation process of spy apps is straightforward and won’t take longer than 10-15 minutes:

  1. First, create your Spy account. You’ll need to provide basic info about you (email, password, etc.).

  2. You should download the spy app of choice on the target device (in this case, on an iPhone).

  3. Most of the apps provide you with an installation guide and the steps you need to take via email.

  4. Perform a Jailbreak if needed.

  5. Reboot the phone, and you’ll be ready to use the app. You can access information streams 24/7 by logging into your personal Spy control panel.

The Jailbreak mentioned above is the removal of software restrictions on an iPhone. It allows third-party apps to be installed.

In most cases, you’ll need to take this step to enable all the features of a spy app. Also, some apps, like mSpy, offer basic features without jailbreak.

But, if you’re using an app, why not go for all the features? Jailbreak is no hassle, really. And you can always get assistance from tech support for apps like mSpy and uMobix team.


Now, let’s tackle some of the frequently asked questions.

Can I Secretly Read Someone Else’s iMessage on iPhone?

Technically, you can read someone’s iMessages on iPhone secretly and remotely if you install a spy app. But keep in mind that it’s only legal for children under 18 and adults with consent. So, your safest option is to inform the person before you install the app.

How Can I Get Someone Else’s iMessages Sent to My Phone?

While you cannot forward or send iMessages to your device per se, they are all available for view in your Spy app panel at any moment you like.

To Sum It Up

Spy apps are an easy way to read someone’s iMessages.

You can monitor your children so that you can sleep at night knowing they are safe. At other times, they allow you to see whether your partner is faithful and truthful. Sometimes, a single iMessage can be a source of immense relief!

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