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One of the top instant messaging apps, LINE is used for both chatting and file sharing. However, not all exchanged photos or online chats are harmless. And that is the case when you need a spy app.

Why do I need spying?

If you have doubts about the faithfulness of your partner, it is time to take some action. Save your nerves and use a spy app to get convenient access to their LINE messages. You can view their chats and make sure it involves no “sexting”.

Most teenagers spend lots of time chatting online via popular apps. However, such unlimited communication can present certain danger, as you cannot control the content they might receive from strangers. If you want to keep an eye on your children’s chatting and to ensure that they do not get any inappropriate pictures from unknown interlocutors, use a tracking app to secretly monitor their LINE chatting.

Chatting apps are extensively used by employees to exchange news and ideas. If you are an efficient employer, you might want to make sure that they do not share your unique technological ideas with your competitors. In order to avoid that, you can install a spy app and read their LINE messages without them having a clue.

What Is LINE & Why Do I Have to Track It?

For those who have no idea what LINE app is, read further. That’s an app created in 2011 in Korea. It’s compatible with almost all operation systems existing. Yep, even Blackberry users have a chance to install it freely. It was initially created for iOS and Android only, but it turned out to be extremely popular and it made the owners develop several more versions of the app to make it universal.

LINE has a set of free basic options habitual for all types of instant messengers. Besides, it gives a possibility to share media with each other and even play games and share progress with friends. But what makes it actually unique is a built-in social network with blogs and comments allowing the users subscribe to various official accounts.

LINE is an extremely popular application that is always in development for more and more sensible features. Spying on someone’s LINE account can do you good if you really care about the person you’re willing to save from something dangerous. It will also be useful if you’re an owner of a developing business connected with your personal intellectual property that you’re not willing to share with anyone except for your employees.

What if one of your colleagues uses your successful projects in order to get some cash for doing nothing? That’s simple – use one of the apps described here and be protected.

Spying apps: range of opportunities


mSpy is one of the most popular applications on the market of spyware. It’s the oldest one and the most appreciated by the users from all over the world. It’s got a ton of options available and even a trial version that you can use for free (it’s limited, but stable enough to give you a possibility to evaluate it and understand whether you need to purchase mSpy or not).

mSpy constantly follows all insignificant changes in the world of mobile applications. You’ll certainly need to be able to control everything if you’re willing to protect someone from danger. mSpy was created by up-to-date professionals, they know how to spy on every single application released. Line messages monitoring phonespyapps Let’s see what you’re going to get if you decide to track LINE with mSpy:

  • Access to all text messages sent and received including various media sent and received by the target device;
  • Access to contacts (full names, telephone numbers and all contacts’ information);
  • Access to all types of chats (even group chats and hidden LINE chats);

Remember, that mSpy doesn’t support remote installation. You’ll have to root or jailbreak the target device before you’ll be able to install mSpy directly and use it through the personal control panel.

If you’ve got no idea how to do it, you’ll have to get someone experienced to explain you how before you purchase the application. You won’t get your paid money back if you don’t know how to install mSpy. mSpy allows you to track all the LINE texts sent and received by the target user.

It works instantly, sending you immediate notification of any new chat. It is efficient and lets you track both incoming and outgoing messages of the target phone.

The main advantage of mSpy is that it allows you to see the phone number of the interlocutor, as well as their full name. You can also view the exact time and date of each message, thus keeping up with the situation. What makes mSpy different from similar tracking apps is that it is able to capture even the hidden chats, so you will be the first to know what is really going on.


TheOneSpy is one of the best investments for those who wish to get a full set of tracking functions in one handy app. LINE is getting better and more functional every several months, but TheOneSpy talented creators are able to follow the activity of each and single social application on the market.

the one spy SoftBox This communication network has devoured tons of users and it’s very probable that one of the people you’re willing to spy uses LINE regularly. So, what are you going to get?

  • Possibility to read chats including group ones;
  • You’ll know when each of the messages was sent and received;
  • You’ll be able to view stickers and emoticons used;
  • You’ll browse through all types of media that can be shared through LINE;
  • You’ll have a possibility to record calls (and even video calls);
  • You’ll get access to the Timeline;

The results of spying is recorded and controlled through TheOneSpy personalized control panel. You’ll get your personal id information to get access to it. TheTruthSpy has been officially released in 2012. The IT specialists working on it had quite a lot of time to get maximum functionality possible. In addition to a set of basic options for a reasonable price, you’ll get a possibility to:

  1. View all of the conversations led through LINE;
  2. Get access to LINE contacts and full information about them kept on the target device;
  3. Get dates and times of messages sent and received;
  4. View all sorts of media including photos, videos and recordings.

As usual, the access to the data received from the target device is carried out through TheTruthSpy personal panel. No matter what device you’re holding in your hands – if it’s got an internet browser – you’ll get to the panel using your unique id information.

Is LINE Spying Legal?

The legacy of your actions fully depends on your personal circumstances and on people, you’re going to track.

  1. If that’s your kid using a device that you’ve presented him or her and if that’s your teenager, spying is completely legal. You purchase a device, you preinstall a spying application and then you present the device to your child. You know that there’s always a chance to follow his or her LINE activity if it’s really important. The only thing you’ll have to care is that a teenager deserves to have some private space – spying on your kid may be extremely humiliating.

  2. If you’re planning to track LINE accounts of your employees, that’s also legal. However, there’s a catch – they should be aware about it. You’ll need to give them a warning that you’re planning to use a spy app to protect your business and your intellectual property. You should sign a mutual agreement on that beforehand.

  3. If you’re planning to spy on the LINE account of your boyfriend, girlfriend, your spouse, your neighbor or anyone else without letting them know – that’s against the law.

LINE spying: all secrets revealed

300 million users all over the world prefer using LINE as their instant message application. line spying phonespyapps However, not all of them mean well. Whether you want to protect your kids from inappropriate online content, keep an eye on your employees or check on your partner’s extensive use of LINE chatting, a spy app is the answer.

There is no need for worries or confrontation, all you need to do is install a tracking app and receive all the data you need to know. And the best part is that they will not have a clue about you spying on them.

Bottom Line

People use LINE in order not to be shortened in options. It means that LINE is about a lot more than just sending messages and sharing data. If you get access to someone’s LINE account through a spy app, you’ll get a heap of information about his or her personal life. However, it’s quite dangerous if you’re planning to spy on adults without letting them know about it. You’ll have to be extremely smart and attentive if he or she is someone you’re actually willing to protect from horrible circumstances.

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