How to Read Someone’s Facebook Messages without Knowing Their Password

Facebook is a worldwide known platform for communication and running businesses. This site allows its customers to establish communication between users for the subsequent exchange of information of any type.

Therefore, this is a perfect source to get to know other people’s interesting data.

Would you like to find out how to read someone’s Facebook messages without knowing their password? Keep reading this article!

Reading Someone’s Facebook Messages Secretly – Is that Possible?

To say that people spend a lot of time searching for information on the internet, chatting with friends or colleagues on several social networks, and making posts means to say nothing. Nowadays, social networks have become the second most visited place after our home. People can share very private and even intimate data there. That is why social platforms enable users to protect their pages with passwords.

However, that does not provide complete privacy to the users’ data.

Is that possible to read someone’s Facebook messages without knowing the target person’s password? Of course! Are you worried that your kid may face bullying or mobbing on the internet? Or maybe you are an employer whose employees spend too much working time on chatting and texting, and you need to control and prevent information leaks? In such cases, you can hardly get to know all the necessary passwords.

Continue reading this article and find out outstanding ways how to track someone’s phone without knowing their password.

Read Someone’s Facebook Messages without Knowing Their Password

Main Methods of Tracking Facebook Messages

Email Spoofing

In simple words, this method is based on sending emails from the faked sender address. It allows mimicking sources such as newspapers, messages from family, and more. With the help of email spoofing, it is possible to get to know the target person’s passwords, IDs, and other personal data.


Another way to read someone’s Facebook messages without knowing their password is to get it with the help of a special keylogger solution. This method allows you to see all typed information, including logins and passwords.

Monitoring Spyware

The most direct way to spy on someone’s Facebook without knowing their password is to use monitoring software. With its help, you get access to the files and messages sent via Facebook Messenger.

How Can I Read Others’ Facebook Messages Using Mobile Tracking Apps?

It is as easy as ABC. First, you are to select the spying solution that satisfies your needs. Buy it or subscribe to it. Usually, the system/developer allows fast downloading of the program. Please, note that there are almost no solutions that support remote installing. So you have to set up the application on a target device on your own.

In general, the installation takes approximately 5 minutes. Moreover, such programs can boast of hidden mode performance, so that a person under surveillance will not be able to “catch” it.

Read Someone’s Facebook Messages with a Spy App


Can I track someone’s Facebook messages for free?

On the web, there are various spying applications available to download. You can easily find both free and pre-paid programs. However, do not rush to use a free solution. In the majority of cases, they turn out to be fake and useless. In this scenario, the investment is a guarantee of quality. Besides, developers usually need to involve numerous resources to create a really powerful and efficient spying solution. The rule of thumb is as follows: do not purchase free cheese.

How to install a Facebook monitoring tool on someone’s phone?

Overall, the installation process depends on the application itself. Some manufacturers offer guides and video tutorials on how to install such spying solutions. But in general, the installation and setting-up procedure is almost the same for many programs.

First, you have to install the monitoring application on the target device. Then you need to follow the instruction requirements. For instance, one of the installation steps is to choose whether you would like to hide the program’s icon. Just simple clicks and voilà — the solution is installed and ready to perform its duties!

NB: Before installing any tracking application, you should check the compatibility properties of the chosen lifesaver. Some programs are compatible with jailbreak and rooting, some are efficient on iOS only. We recommend you to be attentive. If necessary, do not hesitate to contact the developer’s support service to clear up all necessary details.

What other popular features have general spyware?

Naturally, the functionality of general spyware is not limited to just reading someone’s Facebook messages without knowing their password. Programs by reputable brands in the industry like uMobix or mSpy have lots of interesting functions to be adored and valued. We will dedicate your attention to these particular solutions. Instead, we would like to summarize common features for such spyware.

To start with, tracking applications allow you to spy on SMS and calls made on the target device. In addition, you can monitor the inbound and outbound messages (text, voice mails, and files sent) of different social networks, including not just Facebook, but also WhatsApp, Snapchat, and many others.

General spyware provides customers with a great opportunity to track GPS locations. This function is especially beloved by parents who want to make sure their children are in safety. Besides, programs of this kind allow users to spy on the target person’s internet activities, browser history, etc.

On top of this, common spyware also enables customers to control the other installed programs and applications. In such a way, it is easy to prevent the use of viruses or even dangerous tools on the target device.

The list of functions can be enlarged. A lot of applications have their own unique features.


All in all, there is an opportunity to read someone’s Facebook messages without knowing their password. The main thing is to find out the right ways how to perform that. With the help of spyware, you can protect your beloved ones and take under control some of their mobile activities. This will help to prevent unpleasant consequences of incogitant use of social platforms and the internet on the whole.

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