Telegram Spy: Things You Should Know

For the past few years the number of IM chats has increased dramatically. Telegram is one of the newest messengers, and today the number of its active users is more than 50 000 000. It started to gain the popularity at the beginning of 2014, and today it can be truly called one of the top-10 IM chats.  Secret chatting feature and simple interface made Telegram a real sensation.

Of course, a huge number of users predetermines the necessity of tracking software that would be able to track Telegram. That is why many popular monitoring app providers offer their users Telegram hack tool.


Reasons to use Telegram spy

Spying on Telegram messages is a necessity for anxious parents and spouses, employers who take care about their business, and even tutor of the difficult teenagers.

Tracking conversations of a certain person may help you to prevent the revealing of the important business information, to protect from cyberbulling or to check if somebody is cheating on you. If someone from your close people whom you care about uses Telegram as the main messenger, installing a tracking software on their device might be a way out for your to know the truth. 

How to hack someone’s Telegram with a spyware?

mSpy software

mSpy is a well-known app with a number of advanced monitoring features. That’s an ultimate tool perfect for tracking all types of devices and with all types of OS. With its help you may not only read Telegram messages, but other instant and text messages. It helps you to protect your kids, your nearest and dearest and your intellectual property. Besides, mSpy support team works 24/7, so you could contact them with any question or issue. Experienced mSpy support members are ready to help you no matter what language you speak and no matter at what time you need their help.

If you’re willing to install mSpy to track Telegram, you’ll get:

  • A possibility to browse contacts to protect your kids from dangerous people;
  • A chance to track sent and received messages together with their time and date;
  • A possibility to track all data and all types of media sent through Telegram;
  • Access to all hidden chats and conversations together with hidden statuses.

REMEMBER, that mSpy Telegram Spy is installed directly on the device and you’ll also need rooting or jailbreaking.


Highster Mobile may become one of your best investments on the market of spyware applications. That’s a top-level app featuring a number of options allowing users follow all types of activities happening on the target device. The set of options is basically the same as mSpy has. Your choice mostly depends on your budget and on a desired subscription plan.

As for spying on Telegram you’ll get a possibility to:

  • Browse messages all together with sent an received media (photos, videos, pictures, emoticons and voice recordings);
  • Record incoming and outcoming calls;
  • Track on every single keystroke done on the target device;
  • Limit the activity in Telegram.

Highster Mobile gives you a chance to look through an online demo version created in order to demonstrate the functionality. This way you’ll understand how you’ll be using it to monitor Telegram and other instant messengers.

Other monitoring features besides Telegram spying 

What does an app do to control the target device? For example, let’s have a look at mSpy, one of the popular spying software:

  • The app tracks all messages and media files, so you won’t skip any information sent or received from other devices.

  • mSpy can show you all Telegram contacts your kids or partners have.

  • Scan secret chats to spy on someone’s Telegram! As you know, you can create your own secret chat on Telegram which is encrypted and invisible to others including server itself. The app breaks the encryption keys passing between the users. Now all the information may be viewed with indication of particular time and date.

  • With Telegram tracking software you will see not only messages history, but current ongoing chats as well as deleted conversations.

Benefits of using Telegram Spy

In addition to spying on Telegram you can also track:

  • emails,
  • locations,
  • web history,
  • media files and other information on your target device.
  • Moreover, you can block unwanted apps or web-sites.

Contact the customer support if you have any problems with the installation or using of the software.

What does the tracking software offer?

  • Invisible monitoring and privacy.
  • Multiple languages support.
  • 24/7 technical support.
  • Tracking almost all the activities done on the tablet, PC or cell phone.

Telegram Spy

How to get started and install a spy app on someone’s phone?

If you are planning to use Telegram spy here are some simple steps to make:

  • Choose a spying app (some of them were discussed in the post above) and check its compatibility with your target device that you want to track. (The first thing you need to do is to make sure that the operation system on the target device is compatible with the spyware you’re planning to install. You should think about it beforehand if you don’t want to lose your money – you won’t get it back if you simply can’t install the app and have no idea about the OS you need to install the app into.)

  • Purchase the subscription of the softwate, make sure to check that it includes Telegram tracking feature. (When you finally get the list of monitoring applications compatible with the target mobile device, pay special attention to those including spying on Telegram instant messenger. Choose the app according to the desired pricing.)

  • Please keep in mind that rooting or jailbreaking of the target mobile device might be required for getting advanced spying functions of the solution. (No matter what spyware you’re planning to use, you’ll have to jailbreak or root the target device before you install the tracking app. Remote installation for Telegram tracking is impossible, so, make sure that you’ll have 10-minute access to the target device before you buy the tracking application.)

  • Follow installation instructions sent to your email to spy on someone’s Telegram. You may need physical access to the target device for 10-15 minutes to install and activate the tracker.

  • All the data from Telegram as well as other populat messengers will be seen in your online monitoring control panel.

Now you can easily spy on someone’s Telegram remotely! The app is hidden and runs in the background, that is why the user doesn’t know that he/she is being spied on. You don’t have to peep into someone’s phone anymore.

Is it legal to hack someone’s Telegram?

Remember, that spying on someone’s Telegram is legal if you’re the one who has purchased the target device. You can also track your employees if it’s approved by the official mutual agreement. If a person you’re spying on has no idea about you tracking him or her, that’s illegal.

If you’re spying on your kid, that’s normal as long as you own the target device. However, you should remember, that this way you might disturb your child and humiliate him or her by crashing into the personal space without asking.

If you’re trying to spy on your spouse, that’s illegal. Besides, it can ruin your relationship. It means that you should be extremely thoughtful and attentive while spying on someone’s Telegram and other IMs.

Bottom Line

The list of apps able to track Telegram is huge – we’ve picked out the best ones for the article. They are universal, but the choice is huge and everything depends on your personal needs. You should also pay attention to the money back guarantee.

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    1. Hello Hossein,

      In order to spy on Telegram, choose the app you like (we recommend mSpy) and use their function – Telegram tracking. With its help you can spy on every keystroke of the phone. Moreover both of the apps are available in different languages, so it would be easier for you to work with them.


      1. Hello Saamaan,

        mSpy cell phone tracker has a option of Telegram spying. You are welcome to download this spyware to track Telegram activities.
        Let us know if you have any further questions.

    1. Hello TJ,

      What do you mean by functions? A cell phone tracking app has a range of different tracking functions. A monitoring software allows you to spy on sent files as well as contacts. You can also see all the deleted texts and files. Let me know if you have further questions.

      Kind regards

  1. I’d like to try mSpy to spy on my husband’s Telegram. I wonder whether there is difference between spying applications. Can my husband suspect anything if his phone works slowly?

    1. Tom Richardson

      Hello Jacky,

      A cell phone trackig app works in the background mode, so your husband can not see it on the phone. Moreover, a spying app does not influence on the work of the phone.


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