How to Spy on Someone’s WeChat Messages?

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Online chatting apps have provided us with a convenient way of instant communication. WeChat is a chatting app especially popular with young people.  It allows to send instant short messages, and to have both individual and group chats.  You can also exchange video and audio files, post pictures and like those from other users.

More than 650 million people use WeChat regularly, although such a free chatting app may not be safe.

Contacting random people, unlimited photograph sharing and video chats may present a temptation for young people. However, there is a way you can assure that your partner or your teenage children are using WeChat safely. All you need to do is to install a special spy app to keep an eye on their WeChat account.

Why spy on WeChat?

  1. If you are a concerned parent, a spy app will make your life easier. It will allow you to keep an eye on your children’s online chatting. You will be able to see if their profile picture is maybe too grown-up for their age, or their friend list looks too doubtful. Besides, you can also view all the photos sent and received. Therefore, you do not need to confront your kids, just monitor their social life in secret.

  2. WeChat fans can use the WePay system to pay for goods and services offline, as well as for payments on foreign websites. This is possible when using the QR system inside WeChat (it is somewhat similar to the Starbucks system). Therefore, to have the WeChat Spy function is relevant. It enables you to control what your children buy on the Internet and more. Given the fact WePay allows customers to make transactions in eight foreign currencies, including US dollars and British pounds, this function is worth keeping an eye on it.

  3. Employees may also use WeChat to conduct inappropriate behavior regarding the company they are working at. For instance, one of the possible results is leaking confidential information to competitors. That is a serious reason why to say “yes” to spying on WeChat.

  4. If you feel suspicious about your partner, a spy app will allow you to check their conversations and see chat stickers. You can avoid guessing and just see that their relationship status is chosen correctly, and their chat life is innocent.

You may have different reasons to want to spy on someone, but you will always be able to track all the documents and videos shared on their profile.

How to choose the best tracking app for WeChat Spying?

If you face such a need to spy on WeChat, then you obviously want to find the best solution possible. Nowadays, numerous manufacturers offer customers their tracking programs. Some of them are available for free. Other applications require subscriptions and work on a paid-basic.

However, every customer should be aware that to create a qualitative spying program is a demanding process in terms of resources. That is why avoid paying attention to free versions of this software.

In this perspective, two tracking solutions are worth mentioning: iKeyMonitor and FlexiSPY tool. These two applications can boast of advanced functionality, great security policies and intuitive-to-use designs. With them, to get the WeChat Spy function has never been easier.


The basic function of any tracking solution is to spy on messages, whenever they are sent. In FlexiSPY and iKeyMonitor, it is performed on a very professional level.

First of all, WeChat is a platform allowing customers to send text and voice messages. With the presented tracking application, you get a wonderful opportunity to monitor sent and received messages in WeChat remotely.

How can I spy in secret way on WeChat?

Before downloading either iKeyMonitor or FlexiSPY, you need to make subscriptions. Overall, these service providers offer various packages, so you can choose the most suitable one. The installation process pleases in both cases. It is also really intuitive to customize these tracking applications.

iKeyMonitor for free

iKeyMonitor application can be installed on Android platforms. It gives you a wide range of opportunities to track chat messages. What makes it unique from other mobile spy programmes is that it also provides access to all the photo, video and text files associated with the target account.

With iKeyMonitor you can always keep under control:

  • Read all chat messages in both group talks and individual conversations.
  • Learn the conversation names used in chatting.
  • Look at the avatar and profile pictures of the target account.
  • Check all the stickers used in chats.
  • Monitor the friend list.

With iKeyMonitor, you can track not only WeChat but also other messengers and social networks like Facebook, for instance. Besides, you always know where the target device is located due to the geolocation monitoring feature. Customers will still be able to track the target device even if its owner changes the SIM card (iKeyMonitor sends notifications about every change made).

Also, you will get to know the target person’s interests on the Internet thanks to the access to the browser history. iKeyMonitor provides with the list of calls made, their duration, and their recorded versions, too.

In addition, this tracking solution is able to take screenshots so that you will always be aware of the target person’s activities on his or her cell phone. Moreover, you will be able to spy on up to twenty-five devices.

To find out the full list of iKeyMonitor functions apart from WeChat Spy, follow the link:


FlexiSPY app is one of the most efficient tracking programmes that will let you spy on the chosen account while staying hidden. If you install it on the target phone you will be able to:

  • View all the instant messages exchanged in chats.
  • See all the emoticons and stickers used in WeChat messages.
  • Check the profile, status and location data of the target account.
  • Monitor all the pictures sent and received by the account.
  • Receive instant information about WeChat calls, including date and duration.
  • Check contact information of all accounts on the friend list.

Just like iKeyMonitor, FlexiSPY allows monitoring various messaging applications, including one of the most secure ones – Snapchat. With prompt replies from the support service of the manufacturer, this intuitive solution becomes even easier in use. You can install FlexiSPY, regardless of the target device’s operating system.

Apart from reading what is sent via social networks, you can also get to know the information from the emails. Besides, FlexiSPY shows the list of contacts and notes, left in the target device’s Calendar.

This solution possesses such functional opportunities as keylogger and location tracking. With FlexiSPY, you get under control programs and applications installed on the target device. You can delete suspicious programs secretly, for instance.

To get to know more about other impressive features like WeChat Spy, visit their official website:


To cut a long story short, if you feel that you need to keep an eye in someone’s WeChat account, do not hesitate to install a iKeyMonitor or a FlexiSPY app. You will get access to all the needed data while staying completely invisible.These spying applications offer much more benefits for customers rather than alternative solutions.

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