How to Monitor WhatsApp Activity?

Do you use WhatsApp to keep in touch with your friends? We bet you do! And we bet that almost everyone who you know use WhatsApp as well. It has plenty of useful options, and no one can ignore them in the modern world of online communication. You can chat with your friends, create group conversations, call to people from your contact list, and exchange files.

With this number of functions anyone would like to have an access to personal WhatsApp account of another person. WhatsApp spy software allows to monitor all the activity performed via this app.

Installing tracking software you will start to receive regular reports on all the actions performed by a person whom you want to spy on.

What types of WhatsApp spying software exist?

WhatsApp Spying App All the software created special for monitoring WhatsApp activity can be divided into several categories. There are applications developed for devices running on different OS: iOS, Windows Mobile, Android, etc. There are applications that are active only per one month, and there are applications which you may use for years.

There are also applications that can be installed with the direct access to the devices, and there is mSpy – software that does not require direct access and can be installed remotely. Of course, price of different applications is also different.

However, all these applications have common features. And these features are connected with functionality of the app.

What functions does WhatsApp spying software offer?

The list of the functions that you may enjoy using WhatsApp spying software is common for almost all the applications created by different developers.

Access to the messages

With this option you will be able to read messages that your target receives and sends in the real life mode. It means that you will receive the text of the message at the same moment the target device receives or sends it. Besides, tracking software usually offers the possibility to check the history of correspondence and check sent and received messages even before the tracking app had been installed

Monitoring calls

You will get the notifications about all the calls, including the cancelled and the missed once. Like with the messages, you will receive the fullest history of calls performed via WhatsApp at this device.

Checking files

If you want to know which files your target sends and receives, the WhatsApp tracking software will be the best option for you. At your personal account that is provided for any person who gets license on monitoring software, you will receive the detailed information on the files that are transmitted via WhatsApp of the target. You will get all the images, videos, audio records, and doc files.

Hoverwatch – Best Investment on Spyware Market

Hoverwatch is one of the newest applications available on the market of spyware. It’s a perfect combination of basic functions and extra options for the affordable price. The basic set of options of Hoverwatch includes:

  • Tracking location through GPS.
  • Tracing calls (both incoming and outcoming).

hoverwatch 300x189 The app also allows to record calls whenever you want it to (including conversations through WhatsApp). You’ll be notified about the beginning of every conversation and you’ll be able to get the recorded data through your personal Hoverwatch account. The only thing you’ll need for that is stable internet connection and a browser.

  • Tracking of SMS and all short messages sent through the instant messengers. You’ll be able to track not only WhatsApp, but Facebook, iMessage, Viber and more.
  • Tracking of the activity in the internet – perfect for controlling your kids and employees (mind that it should be legally negotiated and agreed if you use it at work).

The list of more specific options includes a possibility to control the front camera. It means that you’ll be able to make photos using the front camera when the target device is not locked.

One more advantage of Hoverwatch for WhatsApp and other instant messengers is that one subscription works for five devices at once. It’s reasonable, sensible and affordable.

mSpy – a Time Tested Spy App

mSpy is probably one of the most popular and well known applications in the world of spyware. It provides the customers with a number of useful basic options combined with a set of rare extra options. mspy logo new 300x288 It looks like this application is one of the most stable ones.

Of course, as well as other popular spy apps, mSpy for WhatsApp demands jailbreaking for iOS users and rooting for those who prefer android devices. It cannot be installed remotely. That’s, probably, one of the main difficulties.

However, when you manage to install it properly, it will amaze you with a ton of opportunities. Here’s a list of basic mSpy options for tracking WhatsApp and other instant messengers:

  • Tracking of all WhatsApp chats including group chats. You’ll have a chance to browse through all media sent through the messenger including GIFs, voice recordings and emoticons.

  • Tracking WhatsApp activity on iOS devices without jailbreaking (that’s a specific extra options suggested only by mSpy ).

All data you get while tracking someone’s WhatsApp through mSpy is saved into your personal mSpy Control Panel that you can access from any browser you use. Pay attention that mSpy has a variety of options and, probably, maximum efficiency in matters of spying on mobile devices. However, it looks like mSpy is a bit limited in matters of WhatsApp spying.

But you should also remember that mSpy develops with every single day – its creators are certainly planning to make a perfect spyware possible.

Bottom Line

WhatsApp Spy application is really the best solution for monitoring a person using his mobile device. Besides, with modern tracking software you will get the opportunity to monitor other applications installed on the target device and even files that are kept in device itself.

The choice of applications you can use for spying on WhatsApp is huge and this article presents a brief review of the most popular spy apps.

If you’ve got firm plans to install and use one of these applications, don’t hesitate to enter the official web resources and connect to online agents for more specific information. WhatsApp tracking is extremely useful in case if you’re willing to control your children or your employees.

The only thing you should remember is that the pricing of each spying app depends on the set of options it offers. It doesn’t matter what you choose – Hoverwatch, mSpy or something else. Make sure that what you do is legal and sensible enough.

Choose the spying app that offers all the features that are interesting to you, and you will be able to make your spying as much effective as it is possible.

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Comments (4):
  1. My gf immediately deletes the chat when the chat is over. similarly she deletes facebook messenger chat once the chat is finished. Would spy software track and report such chats which are deleted once over.

    1. Hello Roger,

      If the tracker is installed on the target device, you will get the information even on deleted messages.

  2. I need a spy app that runs stealth and does not require any contact with target phone, for Android. Can anyone help?

    1. Tom Richardson

      Hi Karen,

      If you need to track Android phone, you should install a cell phone tracker on it. So you need around 10-15 minutes’ access to the target device. Moreover, to use advanced spying functions, your target device should be rooted.
      A good option could be mSpy with its mAssistance option (it requires some additional payment when buying the monitoring subscription plan), which allows mSpy support team member to install a spyware on your target device remotely, but you also need access to the device in the following case. Check this option on the official mSpy site or ask their support team.

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