How to read messages on boyfriend’s phone?

Confidence is an inestimable feature of every happy girl. A desire to love and to be loved is one the most natural dreams in the world. If you see your boyfriend starts behaving awkward, has secrete calls or deletes some private messages or chats, it’s high time to obtain some useful type of software to help you spy on your beloved and protect yourself from being cheated on.

Benefits of Spying Applications

  • To start with, spying applications give you a perfect opportunity to know much more information about your boyfriend.

  • Secondly, spying allows you to understand the way you partner behaves and communicates with others when you are not around.

  • Thirdly, spying applications give you a great opportunity to check how sincere your boyfriend is. It is not compulsory your BF is a cheater and betrays you. He can lie about his career, his free time (the way he spends it when you are away, for instance), etc. No matter what, but a tracking solution allows you to get to know if your partner is not sincere with you.

Standard Features

There are so many monitoring programs on the market, but the majority of them is pretty alike and have some common general features like:

  • Access to the device’s Notes and Calendar;
  • Track messages, chats, etc.;
  • Track the incoming calls;
  • Monitor phone’s browser and it’s search history;
  • Track the exact location of the phone.

However, there are many tracking software with numerous spying possibilities of the upper level. This outstanding functionality enables you to monitor all phone activities. Let’s have a look what those advanced functions are:

Advanced Features

Spy apps have different functionality to cover all customers’ needs and wishes. 

  • ability to spy on social media

It is considered to be quite a standard feature. However, the number of social networks to spy differs greatly. For instance, not every solution is able to monitor Snapchat activities.

  • check even the deleted SMS or files

Another advanced feature of an up-market spyware is the option to check even the deleted SMS or deleted files sent via messengers (for instance, via FB Messenger).

  • Keylogger

With Keylogger, you will have access to all the typed keystrokes. It helps you to find out the passwords and monitor the way your partner communicates with others.

  • SIM Card

If your boyfriend replaces SIM card on his mobile phone, it won’t influence the performance of the advanced spying program. Moreover, you will receive a notification about this change.

  • Surrounding Recorder

This features allows recording the sounds of what is happening around the target device. It will help you to hear live chats of your boyfriend. It is especially useful when you get to know where your partner is with the help of GPS tracking function.

  • Front Camera Photos vs. Screenshots

On the one hand, this feature gives you a great opportunity to see on your own what your boyfriend is doing at the moment. For instance, it allows seeing his facial expressions while he is talking to someone. On the other hand, screenshots helps you get to know more about the timeline of your boyfriend’s activities on the phone.

read boyfriend text messages

Advice of How to Choose the Best Spyware

The Application’s Price

The first thing to pay attention to is the program’s price. If it costs literally $0, you should be aware that it can damage you more than bring benefit. For instance, free solutions are often full of bugs and viruses. The worst consequences can be the loss of information, its spread on the internet, and unserviceable breakdown of the target device itself.

Brand Is Important

If an application costs hundreds of dollars but its developer is completely unknown not for you only but also for a lot of other more experienced users, it is a vivid alarm to exclude this application from your list.

The Program’s Functionality

Another obvious thing you need to do is to investigate the merits and demerits of spying application under consideration. The list of functions available should allow you to spy in multiple ways, including internet and non-internet activities of your boyfriend.

Compatibility Guarantees Stability

While searching for an appropriate tracking application, pay attention if it is compatible with the operating system of your target phone (iOS, Android, Windows, Blackberry or others).

Getting Acquainted: Installation Guide

The installation is as easy as pie.

  1. The first thing you need is to install the software on the target phone. For that you should visit the official site of the spyware and sign up there. After creating the account on the spy app website, you’ll receive installation guide to your email.

  2. After the installation you need to simply reboot the phone and the installation will be complete.

  3. Now you can monitor the device and always be informed about all the activities it is involved in: incoming or outcoming messages and calls.

Good news! You will not need to touch the phone to get the desired information – the application will do it for you. All data will be immediately loaded to your online monitoring account.

Editor’s Choice: Spying Applications to Consider

If you are already looking for a tracking and spying software, pay your attention to HoverWatch for Android or mSpy for iPhone. This app is stuffed with lots of features and options. It can work in a very tricky way. The owner of a target device will not get to know that you are spying on him, because the information is constantly recorded becoming available in your account. It doesn’t matter if the owner deletes messages and the list of incoming calls – you will never miss a trick.

read bf sms texts


This spying solution possesses both standard and advanced functions. They are performed at a very decent level. With over twenty-five tracking features, you will have remote access to your boyfriend’s chats, calls, photos, etc. mSpy can boast of its multi language support available 24/7. If there are any issues with the program’s functioning, feel free to contact their consultants straight away. Moreover, the manufacturer offers numerous guide-videos and an incredible opportunity to try this application before subscribing.

If you are interested and willing to have a deeper insight, check out this link:


From the ability to make front camera shots to spying on up to twenty-five gadgets, Hoverwatch is for a reason one of the most advanced and productive monitoring tools on the market. It works in a hidden mode and allows reading messages on your boyfriend’s phone so that he will not even have an idea that he is under surveillance. With a flexible pricing policy, Hoverwatch becomes accessible for a larger target audience than many other less professional substitutes.

Intrigued? Visit their official page to be impressed even more:


  1. Can mSpy or Hoverwatch be detected on a target device?

These applications function in a background mode, and their icons are hidden not on the start screen only. You can’t find this spyware in any of the folders, in any list of programs on the device where such a program is installed.

  1. Can mSpy and Hoverwatch function without Jailbreak or Rooting?

Yes, they can. This feature is included in the functional opportunities of the programs. However, you should bear in mind that some Android or iOS versions need to be jailbroken or rooted so that a spying application can function to the full extent. This information is available, and you can find it on the official page of spyware.


To sum up, it is necessary to highlight that a decision to spy your boyfriend is a serious step and should not be spontaneous. If you decide to check how much you can trust and rely on your partner, you are very welcome to use spyware. Highly recommended mSpy and Hoverwatch are those lifesavers which will help you get the truth about your boyfriend completely secretly.

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