How to Read Text Messages on My Boyfriend’s Phone?

Every girl has keen observational skills, especially when it comes to her man.

And when all the signs include him turning his sound off, leaving his phone on the table screen down, and when asking doesn’t work…

You need to be sure what’s behind the screen.

To answer the burning question – How to read messages on my boyfriend’s phone? – we’ve prepared a handy guide.

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Can I See My Boyfriend’s Text Messages Without Him Knowing?

Yes, there are multiple ways to track boyfriend’s text messages.

There are options to do this for free, with the help of iCloud or Google Accounts, but the problem with these methods is that they aren’t that reliable. They work by synching your boyfriend’s phone data (including his SMS messages) to your phone. To do this, you have to turn on the synchronization on the target phone and have access to his account at all times.

Are there any alternatives, then? Is there an app to see my boyfriend’s text messages?

Fortunately, yes. The boyfriend text message tracker is a good alternative. Why? We’ll come to that in a second.

A Better Alternative: How to See Who Your Boyfriend Is Texting with Spy Apps?

Spy apps will grant you more possibilities, as you will have access to all of the text messages shared between your boyfriend and other people.

The most useful app that enables you to spy on your boyfriend’s text messages is mSpy.

mSpy can show you all the sent and received text messages along with their respective timestamps and sender information so that no communication goes unchecked.

What happens, though, if your boyfriend deletes text messages? The conversation will still remain saved in mSpy’s records, and you’ll be able to access it.

FlexiSPY takes the solid second place.

It’s a handy spy app that offers a wide variety of options for text messaging logs. Besides the standard insight into sent, received, and deleted messages, you can also intercept certain SMS messages by setting up the keyword. The app will automatically delete those messages before your boyfriend sees it.

Another interesting feature is the so-called “spoof text.” It can be a sort of a test for your boyfriend – what will happen if you send him a random flirty message? Will he try to respond?

Benefits and Features of Spy Apps for Reading SMS Texts

There are several benefits that spying applications have.

To start with, they offer you much more information about your boyfriend.

Secondly, spy apps allow you to understand the way your partner behaves and communicates with others when you are not around.

And finally, spy apps give you the space to see your boyfriend’s honesty and loyalty, since it’s not always the case that your boyfriend turns out to be a cheater.

However, there are other spaces to fit lies into, be it his career, or how he spends his free time when the two of you are not together.

Spy apps allow you to know precisely the areas where your boyfriend’s honesty is lacking.

Standard Features

Many monitoring apps are currently on the market, but most of them have common features and many shared qualities, like the following:

  • Access to the notes and calendar;
  • Chats and messages tracking;
  • Incoming calls tracking;
  • Browser and search history monitoring;
  • Location tracking.

However, certain monitoring applications offer a much wider spectrum of spying possibilities. Their outstanding flexibility and functionality enable you to monitor all of the phone activities.

Let’s have a look at what those advanced functions are:

Advanced Features

Spy apps have different functions and features to cover the needs of all the curious customers.

Ability to spy on social media

While this is considered a standard feature, the palette of apps and profiles that you can spy differs greatly. For instance, not every app can monitor Snapchat activities.

Check the deleted messages or files

Another advanced feature of upscale spyware is the option to check even the deleted SMS messages or the deleted files sent via messengers (for instance, via FB Messenger).


With Keylogger, you will have access to all the typed keystrokes. It helps you to find out the passwords and monitor the way your partner communicates with others.

SIM Card

If your boyfriend frequently switches the SIM cards that he uses, this won’t influence the performance of the advanced spying app. Moreover, you will receive a notification about the change.

Surroundings Recorder

This feature allows recording the sounds of what is happening around the target device. It will help you hear live chats of your boyfriend. It is especially useful when you know where your partner is with the help of the GPS tracking function.

Front Camera Photos vs. Screenshots

On the one hand, the front camera photo feature gives you a great opportunity to see what your boyfriend is doing at the moment. For instance, it allows you to see his facial expressions while he’s talking to someone.

On the other hand, screenshots help you get to know more about the timeline of your boyfriend’s activities on the phone.

Read Boyfriend’s Texts

Installation Guide

The installation process is as easy as pie:

  1. The first thing you will need to do is install the software on the target phone. You should visit the official site of the spyware and sign up there. After creating the account on the spy app website, you’ll receive an installation guide to your email.

  2. After the installation, you simply need to reboot the phone, and the installation will be complete.

  3. Now you can monitor the device and always be informed about all the activities it is involved in incoming or outcoming messages and calls.

This process is the same for all smartphones. However, there are some nuances that are different depending on whether your boyfriend’s using Android or iOS. You should read more about them if you want to make the most of Spy apps’ features.

Android: If your boyfriend has an Android device, to access all the features, you will need to root his phone. This basically unlocks the permissions in the operating system and allows you to manage the apps freely.

iOS: The iOS counterpart of Rooting is Jailbreak. It removes restrictions from an iPhone and enables trouble-free operation of the apps that aren’t in the Apple Store.

read bf sms texts

I Think My Boyfriend Is Cheating, How Do I Check His Texts?

When you connect all the dots – from smiling at his phone too much, he spends too much time in the bathroom to he doesn’t charge his phone near me, it’s understandable you have some doubts.

However, you cannot accuse him of your hunch alone, so you must gather the necessary proof.

You can do that with spy apps that will give you access to all of his text messages.

What to Do When You Catch Your Boyfriend Sexting?

If you caught your boyfriend sexting someone else, the most important piece of advice you need is to keep your cool.

Remain calm and composed and prepare yourself methodically for the conversation with him.

Of course, there are other forms of “sexting,” not just messages, although these are the most common. Spy apps will also allow you to catch your boyfriend exchanging sexy photos and videos with someone else (even the ones that he deleted).

Once you have your situation covered – from when it started happening to how often it happens – you will be prepared to face your boyfriend and decide on the future of your relationship.

Keep in mind, though, that forgiveness is often the answer. However, we know – it’s hard. The answer if you should forgive your boyfriend for sexting can be found only after a sincere conversation between you two.

Just don’t rush; you have the evidence, and you’ll be able to sort it out.


Let’s cover some of the most recently asked questions:

How to get your boyfriend’s messages sent to your phone?

With spy apps, you can get your boyfriend’s messages using your phone.

What needs to be done is: log onto your personalized Spying Control Panel, and you will have access to all of his SMS messages from there. That’s also how to check boyfriend’s text messages online without his phone.

How to receive your boyfriend’s text messages?

If you need access to your boyfriend’s messages, spy apps will allow you to preview the entirety of his messages in your personalized Control Panel. When you log in, you will receive his SMS messages with all the information, such as sender and time stamps.

How to Check Boyfriend’s Text Messages for Free?

Android users, you will need your boyfriend’s Google account to sync all of the data to your own Google account. Follow the Settings > Accounts > Account Sync > Sync Now. You can access the data through notifications.

Apple users can achieve the same effect with the help of iCloud. You need to have the same Apple ID on both of the devices, and then simply go to Settings > Your Name > iCloud >Turn on Messages.

Both of these methods have significant shortcomings as your boyfriend can turn the sync off at any given time if he catches you, and you need constant access to his accounts. Also, they don’t give you access to anything else (such as sent and received photos or videos), whereas spy apps do.

If you’re not sure whether spyware monitoring is what you need, it’s understandable. You can check out FlexiSPY free trial, for example, and then decide if it is good for you and your situation.

Is It Possible to See My Boyfriend’s Text Messages Without His Phone?

Yes, it is!

You can enjoy some of the privileges of mSpy on non-jailbroken iPhones, including reading your boyfriend’s text messages without accessing his phone.

He needs to have the iCloud backup on so that you can monitor the text messages on his phone. Then go to the Control Panel to track your boyfriend’s messaging activities.

Reading Your Boyfriend’s Text Messages Trouble-Free

If you suspect that your boyfriend is cheating, lying, or going behind your back, you can check and see it with your own eyes. The logical question is: How to see my boyfriend’s text messages without his phone?

The necessary equipment to face the facts head-on is a spy app that will help you set yourself free of suspicions at all times.

There are some free alternatives, but spy apps are much more efficient. Plus, they work even if he deleted some text messages – and that’s oftentimes exactly where the crucial piece of information is hidden.

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