How to catch someone cheating on Snapchat?

People will say, “Snapchat is used for cheating!” but back in 2012, Snapchat was the latest way in which people could communicate. Now with TikTok taking over things have changed. Snapchat is less leading the way socially, more trying to keep up.

TikTok has a strict anti-pornographic policy. This isn’t shared by Snapchat so, it makes sense that if you were concerned about your partner’s infidelity, having Snapchat on their device is more worrying than TikTok. With that in mind, a question emerges: How to catch someone cheating on Snapchat?  

According to 2021 stats, around 40% of unmarried couples engage in infidelity. Now, the stats don’t cover what they mean by infidelity, something which means different things to different people. Still, the chance that a reasonable proportion of that 40% will use social apps to do so is proportionally higher than meeting a stranger on the street.

How to catch someone cheating on Snapchat?

Is Snapchat Really Used for Cheating?

Snapchat isn’t a dating app. But the problem with Snapchat is that it allows a fast-paced exchange of images. This begs the question, what kind of images or short videos does your husband need to send to his lady colleague at work?

According to Pew Research Center (PRC), around 65% of 18-29-year-old use the app in 2021. According to the Global Snapchat Statistic, the divide between the sexes is the following: 54% are women, 45% are men. This means that there are more women on the app than men. This in turn means that men wishing to engage in sexual activity will have a higher rate of success due to the presence of women.

Who Are the Snapcheaters?

The term snapcheater refers to a person who sends out a sexual message to several people at once. This person can be in a relationship or even married. The more people they reach out to more likely someone will reply. Often, the snapcheater will approach people who don’t know one another.

Does Snapchat Ruin Relationships?

This depends on how you want to interpret the question. If asked whether the app creates extra-marital desires where there were none? The answer would be no. If you would compare a 14th-century person’s sexual habits to those of anyone with a device in 2021, yes, you’re going to see an increased chance of cheating.

For those concerned with their partner’s fidelity, it all comes down to your own views on what is forgivable. If your partner smiling at the attractive barista is enough to punish them for the next fifty years, it’s best to get out now. 

Snapchat Cheating: Signs that Your Partner Is Hiding Something

They Have a Longstanding “Snap Streak” with a Stranger

A Snap Streak is when two users send videos to one another within twenty-four hours for a minimum of three days. While not an indicator in itself, add to that your partner’s reluctance or fear to talk to you about it is certainly a sign to consider the issues in your relationship.

Snap Mapping in Unfamiliar Areas

Developed by Snapchat, Snap Map allows connected users to check where each other are. This is done in real-time via an interactive map. Once Snap Map has been set up, you cannot turn it off. While a fairly innocent way in which to keep tabs on those you love, it doesn’t help if the partner hasn’t set up Snap Map or chooses to go into Ghost mode thus hiding their presence.

Inappropriate Emojis Next to People’s Names

It’s good to familiarize yourself with what emojis mean. Most partners are likely not to put smileys with hearts in their eyes, but that doesn’t stop them from being smart about it. An aubergine mixed with a rocket can have a sexual connotation, especially if it’s followed by water emojis. When in doubt, ask yourself, “Why do they need seven winky smileys next to their name?

Deleting Snap History

You see your partner sending hours of Snaps, then, when you check you find that there’s nothing there, strange right? Why go to all the hassle of deleting all that content when it’s known that Snapchat deletes the history after a fixed period? 

How to Catch a Cheater on Snapchat?

When you first feel signs of concern, it’s good to ask yourself, “Why do I feel this way?” Do you have issues with trust? Perhaps you have been cheated on before, this has led you to look for those early warning signs. This takes us to our first step. 

Talk to our partner

Often, the partner responds with a guarded confusion. Perhaps they shut down any suggestions that your relationship isn’t working. They may even react emotionally. This takes us on to our second step. 

Pay Attention

A sure sign that something is wrong is when they get a message when they’re sitting next to you, and they get up and leave the room. This doesn’t guarantee cheating but does suggest that they don’t trust you with something that makes them happy. At this time, it’s good to accept the situation: Your relationship has issues. This leads us to our next step. 

Ask Questions

Maybe you’re sitting on the couch, and he/she gets a silly meme from a female/male. You don’t find it that funny, but he/she can’t stop laughing till there are tears in their eyes. Maybe you don’t want to consider why this is funny, to ask them to explain, or just ask what it is that they like so much about it. Maybe you know what’s funny and what’s not. The choice is yours, but the more time they are happy with you sharing a happy moment, the less they get it externally.

Those examples are for people who are looking for advice on improving their relationships. They see the issues and want to remedy them. The next examples I’m going to give are for people who find themselves desperate to find proof. Maybe this evidence is what’s needed to get out of an abusive marriage? Well, this takes us to our next step.  

Check Their Phone

Perhaps you found that you have developed an STI, that there’s money leaving your account. Checking someone’s phone may be a sure sign that you lack the ability to communicate in a healthy way, but maybe it’s safer this way. For those who don’t want to risk, we move on to our next step. 

Install Spyware

The how-to method can be found here.

For those who are just worried, I’d advise considering your own issues with trust. Maybe you’ll find out the truth you’ve known all along. If you plan to stay with the cheating partner, at what point will you forgive them? Perhaps you don’t want to, maybe you want to spend the rest of the relationship punishing them, regardless of how damaging it is for everyone around you. 

Is Snapchat Spy a Reliable Method to Catch Cheaters?

The benefit of stuff like mSpy Snapchat spy is that it’s easily installed. It also comes with 24/7 customer support. Spy such as this is also helpful in accessing multiple accounts, not just Snapchat but across all apps. 

Spy on Snapchat cheater with mSpy

Some Other Tips and Hacks on How to Spot Snapchat Cheating

When dealing with concerns, it’s important to understand what options are available to you. This can be as simple as asking yourself a series of questions. Those mentioned below are a great way to start allowing you to adapt them into the specifications of your own situation. 

How to tell if someone has multiple Snapchat accounts?

There’s no real way to tell. You could search their name and see if there are any commonalities between the names. The same is for people who have secret Snapchats. The answer is, either you’re told about it or you decide to invade their privacy.  

How to find out who your boyfriend is snapchatting?

Short of going through their phone, installing spy apps, the best way is to ask. If you trust their response, then that should be it. Perhaps, however, they respond emotionally, they hide their phone or give some vague answer. You could try asking further, try not to sound judgmental. Better to keep things informal and friendly.  

Why would a married woman use Snapchat?

Snapchat is less nefarious for women. Primarily used for the app’s intended purpose: to sing along to their favorite songs, or to spend the evening laughing with their friends using filters. Mostly it comes down to whom you’re talking to. Men are likely to flirt with strangers and friends, whereas women tend to cheat emotionally before sexually. 

Summing up: Catching a cheater on Snapchat might be hard, but you deserve the truth

When dealing with concerns in a healthy relationship, transparency is advised. A sexual or emotional lull may be the result of several things. Perhaps one of you has just lost their job. You may have kids, or are just going through the motions of being together for several years. Whatever the case, when possible, it’s best to approach your partner, not as a judge, but as someone who wants to know what they can do to improve their relationship. 

The majority of us got to choose our relationships, so if we find problems, especially ones that repeat, then we have to ask ourselves this one question: What am I doing wrong? 

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