Is there any app to find out if your girlfriend is cheating?

Happy relationships are based on mutual trust and respect. Those bonds are tight when both partners feel confident. The only thing that can destroy paradise is infidelity. Each couple has its own reasons for cheating but the fact of it should be detected in the same ways.

  • less communication and conversation with your girlfriend
  • she is always busy with her phone even when at home after work
  • once you ask what keeps her online in cell phone she refuses to answer or give a stupid explanation
  • your girlfriend doesn’t allow you to touch her phone 
  • she has changed her passwords in social media and on a smartphone
  • your partner comes late after work
  • her mood is gloomy and she smiles only when she is in chat


Detect infidelity by tracking all possible sources of data

  • chats of social networks record not only messages exchanged but detect time and even place when the conversation started and ended
  • income and outcome calls are recorded with full data about the place, time and bio from the address book of the person your girlfriend talks. Ambient voice is an extra option available with certain apps
  • location, so you always know when she spends time and can make conclusions

3 Best spy apps to track her on Android

Once you detect that her behavior changes a bit and you are not the person she wants to spend her time with, then check who is there replacing you on her phone. Choose from the list below the app to find out if your girlfriend is cheating.


This spy app perfectly works with several sources of information. So, you have to download, install the program, then adjust the necessary settings and check all chats and phone calls on the panel of your computer. The app gives access to text messages even if they are deleted. It spies on the cheater in social networks – Facebook, Snapchat, Skype, KIK, and others. 


HoverWatch suits your Android perfectly. Its dashboard and settings are designed for this OS and make access to the information easy and quick. It provides you with records of text messages including MMS, phone calls, GPS, chats from Facebook, WhatsApp and Viber. Moreover, HoverWatch suggests several plans for using the app with a wide range of rates.


TiSpy app has a user-friendly design that makes spying available any minute. What you can track with it are phone calls, SMS (including details about sender), GPS, geofencing, photo and video files, address book, mails, social networks (among which there are Hangouts, HIKE, KIK, Tinder), all URLs visited from the phone and apps used. But download it on any cell phone with Android OS only.

3 Best Spy Apps to track her on iPhone


Powerful spy app mSpy is designed for both, Android and iPhone OS, which allows it occupying top ranks in any rating. It guarantees customers with hidden access to all social networks the cheater use, record phone calls, and text messages, keeps multimedia files in the storage, and further, tells how to catch a cheating girlfriend paying attention and special signs.


If you are looking for a spy app with a number of standard options for a reasonable price here it is. So, you pay for Highstermobile once and it does not demand any more fee providing customers with free upgrades forever. It works with iPad and iPhone of all versions.


The motto of this spy is “XPSpy can do it all” which means its features give full data about a cheater. As a result, they include SMS and GPS tracker, calls recording plus ambient voice registering, internet use, social networks tracking, a complete list of files sent back and forth.

What are the most popular tracking features:

  • Snapchat tracking
  • Reading SMS
  • Reading all possible IM chats (WhatsApp, Facebook, Viber, etc)
  • Call listening/recording
  • Location tracking

How to install app to find out if your girlfriend is cheating?

Choose the best app to find out if your girlfriend is cheating? Now it’s time to download and install it on your device. Depending on the app you can install the app on PC with different OS, iPad, cell phones based on Android and iOS. Choose the necessary version and download the application.

Most importantly, create an account with a new login and password so that in case your girlfriend somehow gets access to your device she will never find out how to enter the program. In the new window fill the form with information about the cheater such as her phone number, type of device, email or anything else.

After that click the button to make the app invisible. Enter the account again and adjust all settings on the panel to make it handy and comfortable for use. 


App to find out if your girlfriend is cheating is created for those who don’t want to miss any sign working in all directions at once. For example, if she deletes her SMS you can go to your account of the chosen app and check them all in the virtual storage. If she deletes all photos and videos from her phone you see them by clicking one button only. What makes such apps brilliant is there ability to stay invisible, so, the cheater will never discover she is under control.

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