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copy9 Copy9 is a secure method of spying on the people who are important for you: your parents, your children, and your beloved. You can easily get an access to their life without any direct interference. It is enough to install a software into the target gadget, and the hidden side of the life of the person whom you take care, is now available for you.


The list of Copy9 features is surely impressive. The functionality and the overall efficiency of the program make it the best spying solution available for customers.

Calls and SMS managing

Like many other tracking solutions, Copy9 is capable of monitoring calls made on the target device. First of all, you will be always aware of calls history. You will know the duration of each call. Moreover, even if a person deletes some records, the Copy9 owner will be still able to get access to this data. Knowledge is power.

There is even more surprising feature Copy9 possesses. This program has tools for recording all the calls. The process is performed in a special silent mode. So the target person can spend hours talking on the phone and have absolutely no idea that he or she is under surveillance. On your Copy9 account, you can easily download these records and share them on multiple devices, if necessary.

Apart from calls, Copy9 records SMS as well. No matter, if SMS are still available on the target device or are deleted, you have complete access to them.


Contact history tracking

With Copy9, you will know all the numbers stored either on the SIM card or on the telephone memory of the device. This is a great contribution to the previously mentioned functionality. The feature allows you to check if the numbers’ names are what they seem at the first glance. Some people can name some contact in a non-suspicious way consciously. With Copy9, the target person can hardly keep the secret of the kind.

Access to the social life – done!

Copy9 is one of the most efficient tools for hacking Facebook accounts. With this software, you can remotely gain access over someone’s account and check everything. For instance, you can see with whom your target person is chatting, which images he or she sends, etc. Of course, Facebook is not the only social networking application Copy9 is able to track.

With the help of Copy9, you can find out a lot of your target person’s style of communication in Yahoo Messenger, WhatsApp, Skype, Viber, and more.

Notifications and alerts system

No matter what changes are made on the target device, you will know about them. For instance, even if the SIM card is replaced, you will still have access to the target device. In such cases, Copy9 sends notification about the SIM card change made and informs you about the new telephone number.

Clearly visible Internet activities

Of course, making calls, sending SMS, chatting in social networks are far cry from all the activities any person does on his or her phone. The Copy9 manufacturers have thought thoroughly about this case. That is why their spying program provides customers with the opportunity to monitor all the target person’s Internet activities. First of all, you will be able to check which websites are of a higher visit-priority. Apart from the browser history, a customer will also be able to get a complete control over the visited websites. That means the solution allows you to block some suspicious websites on your own.


No hide-and-seek game

Copy9 provides its customers with the ability to track GPS location of the target mobile phone. Therefore, you will always know where your target person spends time when he or she is not with you.

Listen to environment

What this feature allows you to do is to record surrounding sounds of the target device. First of all, this feature is an awesome contribution to the geolocation tracking. It allows you to listen to what is going on in the place where your target person is at the moment. On the one hand, it allows you to check if he or she tells the truth about their location and time-spending. On the other hand, the aim of this function is to let you protect your target person in case of emergency. You will find out if something bad is going to happen literally immediately.

Control of pro-level

The specific feature of Copy9 is its remote control. Through the program’s special online panel, a customer can send different SMS commands and make the target device function as he or she decides. For instance, this specific action can be to delete some information from the target device. The greatest things here is that the target person will be kept in the dark.


This function is undetectable as well. If you decide to call to the target device, Copy9 will make the automatic getting the call. The phone does not show any signs that someone has called.

Access to the gadget’s multimedia files

Overall, Copy9 shows all the multimedia files whenever they are on the target device. You can listen to the voice memos, watch stored and recorded videos, see captures photos, and more.

View to-do-list contents

Copy9 uses its special silent mode to share data from the target device to the program’s account. You will see all the saved notes. There you can find lots of interesting information. For instance, the target person can mention his or her shopping list or the password of a messenger.

Record the use of applications

With this feature, you can see which applications the target person uses and how much time he or she spends using it. Besides, the program enables you to block any application you choose.


You are able to use Copy9, regardless of what operating system is on your target person’s device. The program will function equally effective both with Android and iOS. Besides, Copy9 can please its customers with the absence of troubles concerning Jailbreak and rooting. Luckily, Copy9 can succeed with any mobile phone.


Customer Support

Feel free to contact the support representatives of the Copy9 tracking software. However, it is recommended first to check the FAQ section with the recommendations on the most popular issues. To ask your question or solve any of the issues, please use the form at the Contact Us page of the website.

The great thing to know is that you can contact them anytime you want. Their availability 24/7 and fast responding makes this service a marvelous benefit of Copy9.

Copy9 pricing policy

You may subscribe to any of the Copy9 package of features. Each of the packages has its own perks, so check it before you pay for the license.

Nothing to regret

For users who tend to doubt long, the manufacturer has prepared special guaranty policy. If you do not like something about the service of Copy9, the manufacturer provides you with the five-day money-back guarantee.

Moreover, with Copy9, any potential customer can check the program’s functionality on their own beforehand. The manufacturer offers any volunteer to get their two-day free trial.


All in all, Copy9 is an application installed onto the iOS devices, and Android devices with an aim to track the target’s activity online. It is 100% undetectable which makes it irreplaceable assistant for secure and safe tracking. It provides all the required features for tracking, including access to the files kept in the device, some of the installed applications (instant messengers, for example), possibility to track the location, call managing option, recording of the calls and SMS, alert options, remote access to blocking and locking the device.

With this spying solution, you can be completely sure you will not miss a single moment of your target user’s activity on the phone and much more.



  • Provides various choice of features
  • Call record is available
  • Good system of pricing
  • Support via website form
  • For iOS and Android devices only
  • Only 5 days for refund

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8 Responses
    • Hello Andy,

      Thank you so much for the comment! Yes, copy9 runs on Android devices.
      However, we would recommend you HoverWatch software. You can also try it for free.


  1. this is worse app i have came ever across…
    even if you buy gold package, it will stop spyning every few days, and support team will take 5 to 7 days for just asking question, and finally you will give up.

    they have no sence of customer service and back end app is crap..

    dont waste your money

  2. Do not waste your time paying and using copy9 app.
    Most of the features aren’t working and is also detectable by anti-virus.
    They did not also gave me my money back since I’m a unsatisfied customers.

  3. This is awefull app with awefull consumer service, i bought this app and it worked very well for 15 days and then half of features stopped working.
    I was asked to re install it again in target device. I did it but never worked, i was keep on emailing but they have stopped responding to me as they couldnt fix the problem, i tired at last and uninstalled the app and lost my money, they are bunch of jokers, who does not understand that you have paid money for service and will make you busy in just email.

    i have emailed them with detail of my issue, they responded after 30 hours saying “siince when this is happening” which i already mentioned, but i replied all details again, and they replied after another 30 hours and said, “is this happening from beginning”, then i said no it is happening from last 2 days, they replied after another 30 hours saying ” we are sorry our technical team looking in to this” and then never got their any reply back even i sent more then 10 emails.

    Technically I lost my money.

    Please dont go for this app, instead go for flexyspy, it is little batter.

  4. Crap app with lods of broken functionality.
    Please dont loose your money, go for mspy, spent more but get quality app.

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