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The impact of advanced technologies on our lives makes us use modern devices more and more excessively. But their obvious benefits are often mixed with potential harms they may carry.

What is a monitoring application?

Lots of parents are bothered with the time their children spend on these devices, which would be OK if there were not so many incidents with kids harmed due to their social media involvement and other risky interactions. This is why one needs to learn a bit more about monitoring apps (or spyware) that are designed for keeping track on daily activities of your child, or spouse or employee. There are hundreds of good spy applications, and it is pretty easy to get lost in such variety…

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Let us take you though a cursory review of 3 the most effective options, each of which encompasses multitude of hacking features.  All these apps stand out for a prominent hallmark of having a free trial that allows you to put a product to the test through its various paces before making decision about its purchasing. An issue of rooting in regards to this spyware will also be considered.

Rooting or No Rooting?

Android monitoring applications generally fall into two types: those that need rooting and those that do not. To “root” a device means to get a full access to the whole file system and change it as much as you like. There are a lot of perfect spying apps that can be installed on Android devices without rooting. In this case you can avoid catastrophic errors (made by chance while rooting) and still enjoy dozens of excellent controlling features.

At the same time, if you want to have highly enhanced features, you may root the device. Since the process is quite challenging, you’d be better off if you allow an app developer to help you. Fortunately, most spy apps’ technical support teams provide remote assistance in rooting. On the other hand, if you are confident in your knowledge and skills, you can root the device without an outside help.

All the reviewed below monitoring apps do not necessarily require this procedure. In addition, they are all completely hidden from the target device owner who never knows that a spy application is installed on his or her device – since there won’t be any revealing an app icons. Another wording for this feature is a stealth mode, and it is often used in spying apps descriptions.


hoverwatch-free-trialThe main reason why Hoverwatch tops our list is thanks to its 3-days trial offer that gives you free access to extensive and constantly updated spying data about your target. It is an all in one unconditional and risk-free trial that provides you plenty of monitoring features that range from locating and SMS snooping to checking emails and browsing history.

Hoverwatch compliments with all Android devices and works in a stealth and fully invisible for your target mode. Rooting is needed only for a few extra features. The app allows you to:

  • SMS and location tracking features are considered by many users as main spying functionalities. Hoverwatch possess the best imaginable level of these two vital characteristics which alone make this app a must-have.

  • Other spying properties are numerous, well-balanced and cover all your controlling needs, including surveillance of navigating and emailing history, instant (MMS) messaging (such as WhatsApp, Facebook, Viber, SnapChat and others), key-logger, call logging and a full access to notes, calendars and a gallery.

  • A free 3 day trial allows creating your own account and giving a try to all the above features and receiving a technical support. For getting a free trial you have to visit a Howerwatch homepage, find a “sign up free” button and follow instructions.

  • Price: The best thing about mSpy pricing is that you can opt for different plans depending on your needs. You have a choice to select a personal/professional/business plan where you can have monthly, quarterly or yearly options, which range from as low as $6 to $25 per month.

  • Disadvantages: For most tracking features you need physically access a target mobile. Though it’s possible to install an app remotely, but that narrows a range of capabilities. In addition, the app does not spy on Instagram.

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iKeyMonitor for freeiKeyMonitor is undoubtedly one of the best spying apps: it’s a unique blend of all snitching features starting from location tracking and call and SMS logs and finishing by hidden picturing of target owner each time he or she uses mobile. Its stealth mode allows you to be constantly unknown and invisible for others.

 iKeyMonitor supports any Android above 2.3, and can be installed without rooting (though not for a few advanced features) still giving you a full access to many useful monitoring features. The app allows you to:

  • Track target location and SMS/MMS messaging: regularly refreshed data is provided instantly and with high degree of accuracy.

  • Enjoy other advanced monitoring features that include ambient listening and recording, screen capturing, checking all the target’s keystrokes and phone logs, spying on all popular platforms’ chatting and control videos, photos and calendars. A rooted device provides more comprehensive info such as control any Instagram or Facebook activity and Snapchat pictures.

  • Free trial of 3 days that lets you to test it on every feature you will have after purchasing the app. Just make sure to set aside enough time for its testing, which help you to make a decision.

  • Price: There are 2 different options. The standard plan is about $30 per month, which becomes only $11.99 if you subscribe for a year. Online plan with advanced features (such as ambient listening or WiFi history) is about $50 a month, or $22.49 through yearly subscription.

  • Disadvantages: iKeyMonitor is more costly than Hoverwatch. Customer support is limited to live chat, there is no phone support. Monitoring multiple devices requires additional licenses. And, finally, some users find the iKeyMonitor control panel a bit confusing.

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This is one more undetectable spyware, which abilities are as great as the ones of first two apps. It can retrieve all the vital data from your target mobile including an undetectable spy call – an innovative feature that not many other spy apps have.

Copy9 is compatible with any Android device starting from Android 4. It does not require rooting, though you may need to do that – in case you want to have highly enhanced features.  With a free trial you can do the following:

  • Track messages and location of your target that allows you to monitor all sent and received messages and accurately locate a user of your interest.

  • Other essential controlling features profuse in numbers and include detailed call logging, surveillance of social media talks and farther browser activities. Apart from that, Copy9 allows to track notes and to-do lists, access all the contacts, detect a SIM card replacement and control a number of other activities.

  • 2 days free trial gives you opportunity to monitor all the above features and provides a free 24/7 support that improves your understanding of the app’s abilities.

  • Price: You can choose one of 3 available options. If you prefer having all-in-one solution, the gold package will cost you $30 per month, or $185 a year (or $15.4 mo). Premium package will be $26 per month, or $159 a year (or $13 mo), and Standard option – $21.6, $132 and 11$ correspondingly.

  • Disadvantages

    : Copy9 is relatively expensive. It does not provide demo version about its usage. There is no live chat or phone support available, only email.

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Putting it all in a nut-shell, it is easily seen that spying apps can come in handy to the lives of many concerned parents and employers. In this article we tried to share with you our opinion about the most reliable monitoring apps with vast number of efficient functionalities.

They all have long proved their worth among thousands of demanding users, but if you want us the most feasible solution, we would recommend to base your choice on the quality/price ratio that makes you easily understand why Hovewatch and iKeyMonitor should be the ones you can choose to go with.

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