Best Free Hidden Spy Apps for Android

Keeping an eye on loved ones when it comes to their social life and cell phone activities has become important considering the modern online risks and threats.

To cater to that issue, people usually look for free spy apps for Android that are reliable and come with a range of features.

However, that is not the case, all hidden spyware for Android are paid ones as there is a great deal of effort and time that goes into developing these tracking solutions.

However, let see what Android spying application you may test for free for a limited time period.


What is a free undetectable spy app for Android?

Hidden spy is a tracking solution that is used to monitor an Android device of a person secretly. It enables the user to check each and every activity on the target device either it is a partner’s or a kid’s cell phone, in a totally undetectable manner.

Best Free Hidden Spy Apps for Android

Internet is filled with hidden spy apps for Android which can sometimes be overwhelming to pick from. Here’s a list of spy apps that offer a free trial version or a number of features for a limited time at no cost.

HoverWatch demo

# 1 Hoverwatch

Hoverwatch hidden spy offers 3-day trial version that provides features such as GPS tracking, SMS snooping, viewing emails and browsing history.

This tracking solution is compatible with all Android versions and runs in a stealth mode.

It offers three packages i.e. Personal, professional and business for 1, 3 or 12 months.

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FlexiSPY demo

# 2 FlexiSPY

This tracking solution is the best hidden call recorder for Android as well as hidden SMS tracker, compatible with OS 4.0.3 – 10.

However, call recording and intercepting it is an exclusive feature that is only available in Extreme packages offered for 3 months at $199 or 12 months’ subscription at $349.

No free trial version is available by this app.

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mSpy Demo

# 3 mSpy

When it comes to the hidden Android spy solution, mSpy is one of the best.

Although, it doesn’t have any free trial option when you may test the app, it offers a great demo panel to check how the software works. What is more, this tool provides a great variety of monitoring features and has excellent support staff.

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iKeyMonitor demo

# 4 iKeyMonitor

Offering 3-day free trial version with all the features such as call history, SMS, GPS locations, geo-fencing, contacts, calendars, notes, reminders tracking, voice memos and Wi-Fi history on OS 2.3 ‘Gingerbread’ and above Android cell phones.

However, for more advanced features such as keylogger, screen capture, social media monitoring (Facebook, WhatsApp, Skype, Tinder, Telegram and Snapchat), call recording and emails, users have to pay starting from $29.16 per month for the package.

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Legal consequences of using spyware

Only the law enforcement agencies can have full access to someone’s private information in a cell phone for security reasons. Other than that, spying on other’s mobile can have legal consequences.

However, there is an exception if the owner of the cell phone that is in question is aware of being spied on and has given their consent.

Parent of the kids under 18 years don’t need an approval to keep an eye on their children’s phone using hidden spy Android.

Who may need a free undetectable spy app for Android?

With the advancement of technology, people are more exposed to cyber bullying and the risk of being in contact with blackmailers or sexual predators is increasing day by day. To save loved ones from such situations, parents or partners opt for hidden spy apps for Android devices.


Kids nowadays have access to all kinds of technological advancements and a mobile phone is one of them. Along with an unlimited amount of benefits, a cell phone brings a number of drawbacks as well.

Extensive exposure to inappropriate content on the internet, easy access to the drug dealers or an involuntary contact with the identity thief has made parents more skeptical.

To stay ahead of such unpleasant circumstances, opting for hidden spyware to keep a check and balance on their kid’s social life seems to be a reasonable option.

ladies watching the phone at the seaside

Life Partners

Sudden change in partner’s behavior may seem suspicious such as hiding phone screen while texting or putting a passcode on it.

A study shows that a huge number of people using dating apps are already married or in a committed relationship. This comes across as a disturbing piece of information for spouses which is why they like to keep an eye on their partner’s cell phone activities.

Apart from that, people opt for hidden spyware to know the whereabouts of their partner for safety reasons.

Rooting Vs No rooting

Hidden spy apps fall into two categories:

  • One that needs rooting of the device,
  • One that doesn’t.

By rooting a device, the user gives the certain app a full access to the whole file system. Some of the leading hidden spyware such as mSpy offers a range of features without requiring rooting the Android device i.e. access to the call logs, media files, some specific keywords tracking, events and notes monitoring, hidden keylogger for Android, viewing social media, hidden SMS tracker as well as the hidden GPS tracker.

However, other tracking solutions require rooting in order for the user to enjoy full features depending on the package that they opt for. Rooting or no rooting, all hidden spyware work in a stealth mode without notifying the target.

phone smartphone does the free hidden call recorder really exist

Does the free hidden call recorder really exist?

There is a list of useful features that Android tracking app offers and call recorder is one of those.

Although, a handful of spy apps offer free access to some of the features as a trial version, however, call recorder specifically, is an exclusive feature and no spy app offers it free of cost. Instead, it is only available in the premium or extreme packages, FlexiSPY for instance.

Best software for Android phone monitoring

Hidden spyware for Android is the right choice when it comes to dealing with any potential risk of cyber bullying or identity theft on the cell phone of the loved ones. Although some free spy solutions with limited features can be found on the web but they can’t be trusted.

For unlimited and useful features with different deals and packages, one should only rely on paid spying apps.

There is no spyware that is absolutely free yet undetectable, even the ones that offer free trial version need to be bought after some time.

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