10 reasons to spy on your kid

Do you remember the case of Natascha Kampusch, Austrian kid who was kidnapped in 1998 and spend 8 years in captivation? Or the case of Jaycee Lee Dugard who had been missing for 18 years and finally got rescued? Or horrible story of Steven Stayner and Timothy White? Unfortunately, even today the cases of kidnaping continue appear on the news. Each year about 750.000 persons in the US got missing. Of course, not all of them are children, but the statistics is still shocking – if even adults may be kidnapped, than how can we protect our kids?

Track your child to protect him

spy on your kid Today the most useful way of keeping your children under control is to use tracking software installed into his phone. Every child has his own phone today so there are no problems with using this way. There are no free applications that really work, but you can buy a registered software that support any OS and reports you about data that you want to receive. For example, you may receive copies of all messages and files that your child gets, get access to his contact list and connection in different social networks. Many parents admit that one of the most useful options is tracking locations. You can receive not only current location of your child, but also history of his relocations.

Safety of your kid in your arms!

Here we are going to describe 10 reasons why you should always keep your child monitored. Of course, you may name thousands of them because modern world of crime is dangerous to everyone.

  1. You will always know where your child is

    With tracking software you will receive GPS coordinates of the device that your child is using.

  2. You will know who writes to your kid

    Are you sure that you know everyone who communicates to your child? It is better to check it up.

  3. You will see pictures and videos that your kid receives

    Make sure that no one sends abusive images to your kid.

  4. You will check list of contacts who view and add his profile in social networks.

    If you will see someone suspicious, you may block this person and complain on his actions.

  5. You will see what sites your child visits

    It is better control which webpages your child visits to know whether you need to set parents’ control within antivirus.

  6. You will get access to all the calls

    If your child tries to hide calls from some stranger or a person he met recently, you still know that.

  7. You will see downloaded files

    You will know interests of you kid and in some cases even his plans.

  8.  You will get access to IM chats

    Mostly kids prefer to use IM chats (Viber, WhatsApp, Skype), so you will track with whom they communicate there and which files share

  9. If someone is threating your child – you will know it first

    Cyber bulling becomes more popular. Tracking your kid you can prevent it and save your kid from this experience.

  10. You will protect your child from Internet sexual solicitations

    According to the latest data, each child from 10 to 17 had the experience of unwanted solicitations online. Install tracking software and make your child safe! This is the least thing you can do to protect him!

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