How to spy on my husband’s cell phone without touching it?

Infidelity statistics show that husbands cheat more in marriage. As the data from the recent General Social Survey shows, 20% of husbands cheat their wives, whereas 13% of wives cheat their husbands. So, it’s no wonder that wives want to check their spouses’ phones once in a while, especially if they behave suspiciously.

Are you one of those women? Is your husband acting weird, hiding his phone, or taking it everywhere he goes?

If you are, you must be at a difficult point in your life. But you are in the right place!

In this article, we look at various ways how to track your partner’s phone without permission, including how to track his phone without him knowing it, locate your husband’s phone, find out what he’s doing while online, who’s he talking to, and more.

The wife suspects her husband in cheating

Source: The Guardian

Is it possible to track my husband’s phone without touching it?

Have you ever asked yourself, “How to track my husband’s phone without touching it?” if you have, we have some good news. There are various ways to do that nowadays.

Google’s Location History feature

This Google Account feature contains information on all locations where the phone’s user has been if it’s turned on. To turn it on, you need to either touch your husband’s phone once or sign in to his Google account from your or another device and turn it on.

iCloud Spy apps

iCloud Spy apps are the best way how to track a husband’s iPhone. However, you need credentials to activate this app, and the phone must be non-jailbroken. Moreover, the iCloud backup needs to be activated, and 2-factor authentication deactivated.

Cell Phone Spying Apps

Cell phone spying apps track all messages, location, chats on social media and communication apps, monitor the internet activities, and find hidden apps on his phone. Moreover, they offer 24/7 customer support, installing assistance (for an extra fee), various payment methods, and more.

The best way how to spy on your husband’s cell phone without touching it is by using cell phone spying apps. It’s the most secure and easiest way to get access to his phone.

Should a wife have access to a husband’s phone?

Marriage is all about trust. The wedding ring represents a relationship filled with trust and respect. And although marriage is about sharing, spouses need space and privacy. As the marital therapist, Andrew G Marshal says, “Smartphones have added complexity to relationships. Nobody knows where to draw the line where privacy is concerned.”

There are many reasons why it’s not right for spouses to have access to their partner’s phone. However, considering that men tend to cheat more and that there is a reason to believe your husband is cheating, it’s a good idea to check his phone and find out the truth. Several experts claim that there’s nothing wrong with checking your spouse’s phone since you are one in marriage. For instance, Olubanke Olaojo says, “Why are we hiding our phones if truly we don’t have a skeleton in our cupboards?”

But, should you spy on his phone secretly or check it in front of your husband?

Women who decide to check on their partner’s phone without asking may have a hard time accessing it, primarily if he uses a lock screen, touch ID, or password. If you’re one of them, and you want to know how to hack your husband’s phone, you should use a phone spying app.

How to locate the husband’s smartphone?

Is your husband staying late “at work” or suddenly needs to go out? Are you afraid that he is having an affair? Do you wonder, “Where is my husband now”?

Since you can’t install a GPS tracking device on him, you need to use a husband tracker. To do that, you can use:

Free mobile phone trackers like:

  • Find My iPhone – This app allows you to remotely track a phone, get the exact location with directions, and view recent location history. However, you must enable this app in the iCloud settings of your spouse’s phone before you use it.
  • Android tracking service – This service allows you to find a phone remotely. You need to sign in to your Google account following this link. Then, you’ll get info on where the phone is on the map. However, keep in mind that the location isn’t exact and may not be accurate. Also, your husband’s phone will be notified that his phone is tracked.
  • Google’s Find My Device feature – This is another feature for tracking a phone’s location. To use it, you need to sign in to your spouse’s Google account or another Android device with the app installed on it. However, you can’t track your spouse’s phone if the phone is turned off or has no Wi-Fi or data connection. Also, Google will send an alert to his phone, so he’ll know that you’re tracking him.

Cell phone spying apps with GPS tracking function.

These apps install in 10-15 minutes. Once installed, you can remotely track your husband’s phone without him knowing. Two of the most popular phone spying apps are mSpy and EyeZy. Both apps track all the messages from social media and messaging apps, SMS messages, as well as the current GPS location.

All these methods allow you to track your husband’s phone. However, the phone spying apps are the best option if you want to spy on his phone secretly.

How to find hidden apps on my husband’s phone?

Do you want to find out if your husband has hidden social media accounts? Maybe a secret Facebook account he uses to chat with other women?

If you do, using cell phone spying apps is the best option. Apps like mSpy and uMobix allow you to track all apps installed on your husband’s phone and block them if you want.

uMobix even allows you to restrict access to apps and delete them. And, best of all, you get full access to all of them.

How to see what your spouse searches for on the internet?

Is your husband spending a lot of time browsing the internet? Is he leaving the rooms while he’s on his phone or moving away from you as if he hides something?

If so, you must be thinking about tracking the husband’s phone.

You can do that by:

  • Checking his browsing history – If you can get your hands on his phone for several minutes, you can try to go through his internet browsing history. The problem with this is that he can delete the history, messages or browse in incognito mode.
  • Check his emails – If you can check your husband’s phone when he’s not watching, you can check his emails, bank statements and even restore deleted files. However, he could have already deleted all emails and files he doesn’t want anyone to know of.
  • Use spyware – Cell phone monitoring apps are the easiest and most secure method of spying on your partner’s phone. They allow you to track all activities on his phone remotely.

Track your partner’s phone without permission

Marriage is about sharing and not having secrets in front of our partners. It’s about trusting and respecting him. That’s why, if you think that your husband may be cheating on you or has another secret, it’s best to first ask him about that. However, if he refuses to talk about it or seems to be lying, you can try using a phone spying app to find out the truth.

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