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Bibi SoftwareYou never know when you actually need a tool to check your partner or to control your beloved kid from sexting and bullying. Bibispy is one of the newest mobile trackers with more than 150 functions available. There’s always a chance to track everything on the device: calls, messages, social networks, media and more. 98% buyers have already admitted that Bibispy has been a right choice. Just look through the functions and you’ll understand that this app is worth paying attention to.

Main Features

Bibispy is stuffed with latest technologies able to trace any smartphone or tablet. If you’ve got no chance to track the desired device, you can download all activities to your personal account staying unnoticed – a person owning the desired device will never notice you tracking it.

  • Passwords cracking. Get access to social networks, emails and instant messengers used on the target device. Get access to passwords through your personalized control panel;

  • Calls interception. That’s a good chance to listen to the talks on a target device at any moment. The professional version of Bibispy will give you a chance to get notifications on the phone if the person you’re tracking started a conversation;

  • Spoof Short Messages. This option is quite risky and demands maximum caution. Create personalized SMS traps on your own!

  • Possibility to take remote photos. Remote camera control is finally available.

  • WhatsApp tracking. Follow his or her chats no matter where you are. If you’ve got no chance to read them, save them on your memory stick or on a CD;

  • Facebook tracking, including any staff received from the acquaintances;

  • Media gallery download – you’ll be able to look through photos and downloaded videos on a target device;

  • Notification about a change of a SIM card – don’t be afraid, it actually works;

  • Intuitive control panel – simple and accessible for all users.

Bibispy is a perfect choice for those who have no idea what they need, cause this app contains all necessary functions in one!


If there’s something wrong with the app you purchased, Bibispy specialists are always ready to help. You can send a message from the official page of the software or to make a call on the phone posted on their webpage. Bibispy customer support is waiting for you daily willing to give answers to your questions 24 hours a day.


Pay attention that the app is quite pricey (you can see prices at the bottomn of the page)– you’ll have to pay about 30 euro a month for a basic set of options and about 90 euro a month for a full set of options. A basic subscription for a year will cost about 150 euro. The extended version will cost about 350 euro a year.

A basic set of options normally includes:

  • Calls and SMS tracking;
  • GPS tracking;
  • Instant messengers tracking;
  • Browser history;
  • Viewing of apps and new entries in the browser and in the telephone book.

The more you pay, the more exclusive and useful options you get. They are:

  • SIM card alarms;
  • SMS spoof option;
  • Access to MMS messages;
  • PIN discovering;
  • Conversations recording;
  • Address book control;
  • Saving media;
  • Exclusive updates.


First thing you should remember is that remote installation is impossible. You can use Bibispy software on both iPhone and Android phones. If you actually need to track the device, you should get access to it for several minutes to root or jailbreak it. Bibispy is also compatible with Blackberry and Nokia. If you’re not sure about the details you can freely contact one of our specialists for free support and consultation.

Refund Policy

If there’s something wrong with your purchased app, you can always contact our support describing why you’re not satisfied with our service. Be sure you can explain what’s wrong with your subscription. We’ll get your money back in ten days.


Bibispy is a competitive app – the creators of the app do their best to make a unique tracking app with a number of options to provide wide choice for the clients. The strategy of people working there is built on the clients’ experience and their impression. So, what are you going to get?

+ A perfect set of options allowing you to do whatever you need staying unnoticed.

– Quite a pricey app. However, years of experience prove that this type of an app include all the functions possible and most stable.

Bottom Line

Bibispy started developing in 2004. The app passed through numerous updates and renewals. What you’ve got a chance to get is a stable application with numerous functions to satisfy your desires. In 2016, the choice of options has raised. You can even try a demo version of the app for ten days. The creators of Bibispy are very persistent. Pretending is not a solution here – what Bibispy creates is a perfect blend of technology with a set of affordable sensible options for various periods of time.

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  1. I wonder why Bibispy is so expensive. Maybe if you are James Bond or someone like this it will suit you) But for ordinary people calls and social network tracking is quite enough))

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