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witigo If you care for your kids travelling in a dangerous world of various web resources, you’ve got to the right place. Witigo tracking software can be your new solution able to protect your kids and save them from dangers you can’t even imagine!

Witigo General Information

That’s a special type of software created to protect your kids from undesirable content on PCs, laptops and mobile portable devices. It was created and developed in France, by Profil Technology S.A., staffed with experienced specialists. The company develops successful projects for more than 25 years. Witigo is based on ICE technology, which stands for Intelligent Content Evaluation. This system is able to recognize constantly changing web contents, including keywords, media, links, etc.

In 2014 Profil Technology created a new system of content classification. It was called VISIA Technology. It can detect and filter various areas of content including videos, images, pornographic media files and more. These products combined with other software innovations are integrated into Witigo spy app. Let’s have a detailed look at the basic and specific functions of it.

Witigo Features

The features you get partially depend on the target device and operating system.


  • Real-time filtering based on ICE technology.
  • Possibility to create custom filters for every kid in the family.
  • 27 types of web resources you can block, like violence, drugs, porn, weapons and more.
  • Restricting internet using on a target PC according to a custom schedule.
  • Total control over all activities on PC. You’ll be able to block certain applications and restrict the installation of certain types of apps.


  • Real time web browser filtering.
  • Cloud console that can be used to protect all of your devices switched to Witigo.
  • Remote blocking, unblocking and customizing.
  • Password protection.
  • Up to 27 types of web content can be blocked.
  • Restriction of Net surfing according to a personal schedule.


  • Real life internet filtering.
  • Special feature – possibility to block and unblock certain resources from ANY device with an internet connection.
  • User panel safe access.
  • Up to 27 types of web content can be blocked.
  • Internet restriction according to the pre-set time.


  • Real time web recognition.
  • Cloud console – you’ll be able to link it with any device you need.
  • User license lifetime guarantee.
  • Safe access to the user panel.
  • Web access scheduling.

There’s an option accessible from all mobile platforms – calls and SMS restriction. Among the mobile applications that can be blocked are instant messengers like WhatsApp, Skype, iMessenger, Facebook and others.

For the full list of filtering categories, get to the official webpage of Witigo monitoring software.

Witigo Support

When you get stuck with the installation process or you have difficulties in navigation, you can connect to one of the Support Staff members for a live consultation. The second way to get help is to study FAQs. That’s all you get as support.

Witigo Price

Minimum subscription is 1 year, maximum is 3 years. The cheapest version (about $13) is available for mobile platforms. If you need it for your personal computer with Windows or MAC OS you’ll have to pay $30-50

There’s also a free edition of Witigo with a restricted list of options available only for Windows OS. You’ll be able to:

  • Use ICE or web filtering.
  • Get access to 6 out of 27 filtering categories: gambling, drugs, weapon, violence, pornography and racism.
  • Scheduled web usage restriction.

Witigo Compatibility

Witigo is compatible with all types of mobile platforms and operating systems. The only thing you’ll have to do is to pass through a challenging installation process fully described at the FAQs section on the official webpage. In general, the app is simple for navigation.

Bottom Line

Witigo spyware is tricky in installation but perfect for convenient parental control. It blocks all undesirable content including drugs, porn and violence. It’s also successful with chat apps and social networks apps. 27 given categories help you to blacklist certain resources remotely. Powerful and worth-buying system.

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  1. Chose it as the cheapest spy app possible to filter inappropriate web resources at our family’s PC. It’s often used by kids and now I feel secure they won’t be disturbed by porn, violence and potentially dangerous social networks. Thanks, Witigo!

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